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The past few weeks have been either feast or famine at the movies.  There have been huge blockbusters and there have been some movies that have simply come and gone without a whimper.

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Let's get you caught up on what's out there right now.


Oceans 8

The trend continues this week, where there was far more thought put into who would be in this movie, than what they would say in it.  Oceans 8 boasts a huge cast, and that is supposed to carry the day.  And it did to the tune of a 41 million dollar opening weekend. too bad the budget was 150 million for this.

This is a disturbing trend right now in Hollywood.  Big casts, and projects, and mediocre scripts.  This is not a bad day at the movies, but this should have been way better.  There also may be some "Oceans" fatigue too, but this is simply falling short.

Anne Hathaway is really great here, as she did a lot with the little that was given to her, but she can't make this great. This will have to settle for average.


The latest Star Wars Story.  Good thing that Chewy is around or this may not have been made.  To be fair, there is nothing really wrong here, there just isn't enough right.  This is fine, but that's what this is  -  fine.

Nothing mind blowing, nothing special.  And there is one huge problem.  Even though this deals with a young Solo, it's hard to see anyone but Harrison Ford as Solo. 

Deadpool 2

OK, another one of these. Yes, yes funny at times, gross, incorrect, vile, and somewhat creative.  Everything you think it will be.


(Available Trailers inappropriate)

I'm not quite sure this is necessary, but this is going to go on, until it stops making hundreds of millions of dollars.  There are some good laughs here. But a hard R rating.


A young couple gets on a sailboat and heads out on a long voyage and it all goes wrong.  There is the good and the and here. Good - based on a real event, and there is a nice depiction of a very strong woman, who is bound and determined to survive.  Bad - predictable from the first frame. 

Good example of a movie that fans are going to love far more than critics.  Also, her character is very well developed, but Shailene Woodley is not very likable to me.  This is not a bad day at the movies, just a predictable one.   Spoiler - DO NOT Google this story, the less you know the better.

Book Club

Great cast, seemingly a great idea, with a script that should have been walked ceremoniously to the dumpster and tossed out.  A group of older women are introduced to the 50 Shades series in their book club.

And let the unending amount of sex jokes begin, and begin, and begin. Just a shame that they could not have found a better way to rehash old jokes. This gets old and tired fast.  Hey, there are certainly worse movies out there, but this could have been a lot funnier, with a more creative script.


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