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Monday, 29 January 2018 06:17

Daily Scoop, Week of 1/29/18

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Today is Wednesday, January 31st- It IS - Inspire Your Heart with Art Day, Backward Day, Hot Chocolate Day!

We will spend about 4 billion on Super Bowl betting this week - only 138 million of it legal!

If you are hosting a Super Bowl party Sunday, the average cost to you is about $207! You may consume 4,000 calories on Sunday.

Will Smith says Fresh Prince of Bel-Air action figures are coming to stores with a possible cartoon re-boot.

Florida has been ranked the worst state in the US. Humidity and traffic!


Valentine’s Day Proposals cheesy? 50% say yes - 48% say they would like it!

The Hallmark Network will launch "Countdown to Valentine's Day" on Saturday. Showing- My Secret Valentine, Very Very Valentine, Cooking with Love

68% of us would rather talk about our weight than how much money we have in the bank.

New trend- to paint your walls with glitter paint.


Today is Tuesday, January 30th- It IS - Plan A Vacation Day, Croissant Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday

State of the Union tonight…

The Cleveland Indians will discontinue the use of Chief Wahoo for the 2019 season.

Grammy ratings fall to an all time low, down 24% overall and 33% in the target audience.

Fuller House renewed for season 4.

Rhonda Rousey has officially joined the WWE.

Tom Hanks to play Mr. Rogers in the upcoming biopic, You Are My Friend. 

The only Blockbuster videos still open are in Oregon and Alaska.

16% of Millennials -- that’s one-in-every-six -- has $100,000 in savings.

Only 19% of Americans think they make enough money.


Today is Monday, January 29th- It IS - Seeing Eye Dog Day, National Puzzle Day, Corn Chip Day

Happy Birthday – Oprah, 64

Grammys- Stapleton, Little Big Town, Reba and Bruno Mars all winners!

SNL – Highest rated show of their season this weekend with Will Ferrell as host.

The estimated cost for the winter Olympics is $10 billion!

Dunkin is changing its entire menu on Valentine’s Day. Heart and pillow shaped donuts!

You can now buy high heels that make your feet look like horse hooves.

Farmers are using artificial intelligence to improve the taste of kale.

It has been determined that a baby can kick with 10 pounds of force before being born.

Do you have “text neck” many do, pain in the neck, shoulders and upper back? Too much looking down while texting, Facebooking....

The only state outside of a few northeast states rooting for the Patriots to win the Super Bowl is – North Dakota!

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