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Monday, 19 February 2018 06:17

Daily Scoop, Week of 2/19/18

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Today is Friday, February 23rd, It IS - Girl Scout Cookie Weekend, Dog Biscuit Day

Maroon 5 to headline this year's Concert for Legends at the Pro Football Hall of Fame on August 5th. 

Kylie Jenner caused Snapchat to lose $1.3 billion because she tweeted that she doesn’t open the app anymore.

The Walking Dead returns this Sunday night. (82 minute episode)


Rachel McAdams is pregnant with her first child. Her new movie Game Night opens this week.

For every night that Keith Urban is away from Nicole Kidman, he leaves her a hand written love note.

Dim lighting at work can be making you dumb! Studies show, the more light you work in, the better the brain activity! 

Men are more likely to be struck by lightning!


Today is Thursday, February 22nd- It IS - National Chili Day, Margarita Day, Sweet Potato Day, Great American Spit Out

Happy Birthday – George Washington

Ryan Reynolds just bought a small gin company- Aviation Gin.

Reports claim that Justin Theroux once found love notes that Jennifer Aniston saved from Brad Pitt during their marriage.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have apparently put marriage and baby plans on hold. 

Jessica Chastain is in talks to play Beverly in the sequel to It. 

The Shamrock Shake is officially back at McDonald’s!

M&M's have rolled out a new Neapolitan Flavor for your Easter Basket.

The new rage is to put your engagement ring inside an avocado – sans ring box.

Women who “make the first move” are the most successful in love!

25 percent of women say they never wear makeup -- not even on a first date.


Today is Wednesday, February 21st- It IS - Sticky Bun Day

Contrary to the internet, Sylvester Stallone is alive!

Jennifer Lawrence is taking a year off acting to fix our democracy, clean up corruption, focus on activism.

Sterling K. Brown, Randall from This is Us will host SNL on March 10th.

6:30pm is the most popular time to drink wine. 

The 3 Apples a Day plan is the new thing, helps you lose the most weight.

You can lose up to 5 1/2 pounds a year just by standing more!

“Relationship Visibility” is a thing. Over posting about our relationship on FB more than likely means that it is not as great as it appears.

The new Lobster emoji has been corrected to have the right number of legs…


Today is Tuesday, February 20th- It IS - Love Your Pet Day, Cherry Pie Day, Muffin Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

A Russian curling medalist is suspected of failing doping test.

Fergie apologized for the the botched NBA All- Star Game National Anthem, said she “tried her best” and something “artistic” and took “a risk that clearly didn’t pay off.”

Hallmark Channel hosted the first ever American Rescue Dog Show last night, and Jackie, who won the Best in Senior category won Best in Rescue! 

Harry Connick Jr.'s daytime talk show, has been canceled after 2 seasons. 

Studies show, if you are a regular energy drink drinker, you have a better chance of begin a jerk. 

Pisces is the zodiac sign least likely to get divorced!

Lucky Charms Update! - Marshmallow unicorns will be replacing the hourglasses they got rid of.

Pancake and syrup flavored PEEPS now available!


Today is Monday, February 19th- It IS - President’s Day, Best Friends Day

Daytona 500 - Austin Dillon won driving the #3 car!

Indians signed Rajai Davis to the minors this weekend!

Fergie’s version of the anthem at the NBA All Star game yesterday- everyone has an opinion on it…Some say it was too sexy… PS- Lebron’s team won the game!

Contrary to internet, Mark Hamill is not dead.

Both men and women agree that curling is the least sexy winter Olympic sport.

Soon the hourglass marshmallows in Lucky Charms will be no more. Getting rid of them.

Peanut butter with Baileys now exists.

Many couples are delaying weddings because they are too expensive!

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