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Monday, 14 May 2018 06:17

Daily Scoop, Week of 5/14/18

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Today is Friday, May 18th- It IS - Bike to Work Day, Visit Your Relatives Day, Tractor Day!

Happy Birthday- George Strait, 66.

The Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is on Saturday …

Only 28% of Americans are interested in the Royal Wedding tomorrow.

The BROWNS will be the team featured on the HBO show Hard Knocks.


The two-day finale of American Idol airs Sunday and Monday on ABC.

Obi-Wan: A Star Wars story is happening and shooting starts next spring.

Buffalo Wild Wings is selling Salted Caramel wings this summer. 

Tabasco Flavored Whiskey now exists.


Today is Thursday, May 17th- It IS - Buy A Musical Instrument Day, Cherry Cobbler Day!

Hugh Jackson will jump in the lake on June 1st for going 0-16.

The Vatican has told Nuns to spend less time on Twitter!

Kermit the Frog will be part of the American Idol Finale this Sunday and Monday.  

A new study finds, the average person has five good friends.

A new study has found that using your phone after 10 at night can cause depression and loneliness.

We now have Ketchup flavored Ice Cream …

Right now is a perfect time for ticks!


Today is Wednesday, May 16th- It IS - Beauty Inside Out Day, Piercing Day, Mimosa Day, BBQ Day

Happy Birthday – Spaghettio’s 1965

It is estimated that 1 BILLION people are expected to watch the Royal Wedding this weekend! Meghan Markle wants to walk herself down the aisle.

DWTS – Tonya Harding will compete for the Mirror ball trophy, and fans are not happy about it.

Netflix is making a 10 part movie about Michael Jordan called The Last Dance. 

According to science, women prefer to marry men with beards. 

You eat about 165 meals a year standing up!

According to a new study, short guys are more aggressive than taller guys.

Women are a better judge of good wine than men!

Retirement experts say, you should have twice your annual salary saved by the age of 35.


Today is Tuesday, May 15th- It IS - Peace Officer Memorial Day, Straw Hat Day, Chocolate Chip Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

Margot Kidder passed away at 69. 70s and 80s actress in the Superman movies- Lois Lane.

John Cena said on The Today Show yesterday he would still love to marry and have a family with Nikki Bella. 

Braspberries (raspberries stuffed with blueberries) are coming to grocery stores thanks to Justin Timberlake.

Mike Fisher has re-retired again after 18 seasons in the NHL. 

About 25% of us are late to work an average of about a day a month.

If you want to drop a few, get blue plates - in a blue room. Blue makes you eat less.

A new study says stubborn people tend to live longer.


Today is Monday, May 14th- It IS - Women's Check-up Day, Stars and Stripes Forever Day, Buttermilk Biscuit Day, Dance Like a Chicken Day

Happy Birthday – Dustin Lynch 33

Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson will join Blake and Adam as judges next season on The Voice.

ABC is officially bringing back Last Man Standing / NBC is bringing back Brooklyn Nine-Nine after FOX canceled it and even after killing of his wife off and added Leah Remini, CBS canceled Kevin Can Wait.

Kit Kat has 2 new flavors for spring- chocolate covered strawberry and cookies and cream.

You can now buy pickle lip balm.

Chili's hit by hackers in March and April! So you know!

New stats have found that couples who have flashy weddings are more likely to get divorced. $30 grand plus…

Number one mistake you make on Tinder? Not smiling in your profile pics…

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