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Wednesday, 30 May 2018 06:17

Daily Scoop, Week of 5/29/18

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Today is Friday, June 1st- It IS - Donut Day, Pen Pal Day, Leave The Office Early Day, Hazelnut Cake Day

ABC is still on the hook to pay the actors for the second season of Roseanne, so fans want the show to continue, just without Roseanne Barr.

72 Sears stores closing - Strongsville and Lima included.

Dad will love this! Meat scented candles just in time for Father’s Day!

New trend for summer: Anklets!

Top Three websites in America – Google – YouTube – Reddit


A Southwest Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing after a dude smoked a joint in the bathroom, setting off the smoke alarm.

Looks like the end of the bachelor party may be near. Guys are tired of them, and social media

If you drink coffee regular, you like people more than those who don't

A new study found that women start to feel “invisible” once they reach the age of 45 for men, it's 47

Take some B-6 before bed and you have a much better chance of remembering your dreams!


Today is Thursday, May 31st- It IS - National Smile Day, World No-Tobacco Day, World MS Day (Multiple Sclerosis), Macaroon Day!

Taco Bell is running a “free taco” deal during the Cavs series with Golden State…steal a home game.

Tiger Woods says he thinks PGA players should be able to wear shorts! PGA says NO!

Hidden Valley Ranch is now selling Ranch potato chips and popcorn!

Scientists say dinosaurs had dandruff. 

Chewing gum while working out helps burn more calories.

A new study says, if you wear glasses, you are smarter!

It has been found officially that pregnancy lowers your voice for about 1 year!

The best city for staycations is Orlando, FL.

If you are one of those that set their watches ahead 5 or more minutes so you won't be late? Doesn't work. You are more late than those that don't.  


Today is Wednesday, May 30th- It IS - National Creativity Day, Save Your Hearing Day, National Mint Julep Day

Happy Birthday – Wynonna is 53

ABC canceled Roseanne after Roseanne’s racist Twitter rant.

Andrew Lincoln, Rick, is leaving The Walking Dead!

Norman Reedus and Diane Kruger are expecting their first child together! 

The makers of the new raunchy Muppet movie are being sued buy the makers of Sesame Street!

Chuck E. Cheese pizza is now available for delivery.

If you own a grill, on average, you will cook out twice a week this summer.

Scientist are now starting to thing that Pluto – may actually be “giant comet”

Cleveland is now ranked the 9th best city for basketball fans.

If you want to be happy, eat strawberries! New findings say they make you happier than any other food! (edging out bananas)

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