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Monday, 04 June 2018 06:12

Daily Scoop, Week of 6/4/18

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Today is Friday, June 8th- It IS - Today is Best Friends Day, Banana Split Day, Jelly Donut Day

IT'S OVER Washington won the Stanley Cup 4 games to 1!

Terrell Owens is being enshrined into the Hall Of Fame in Canton this summer, but he said yesterday he will NOT attend the ceremonies.

Granger Smith to perform on The Bachelorette on June 18th!

Starbucks, price increase- just on coffee.


Wine kegs are now a thing!

There is a company that will build a beach in your backyard for a cool 20 grand!

They say the more you study, the more nearsighted you become!

According to a new survey, two out of three employees think it's OK to date a co-worker.


Today is Thursday, June 7th- It IS - (Daniel) Boone Day, VCR Day, Chocolate Ice Cream Day!

The first trailer for the Lady Gaga - Bradley Cooper remake of A Star Is Born dropped yesterday!

Val Kilmer will return for Top Gun 2.

Group FaceTiming is coming!

The latest trend among Millennials is to host birthday parties … at the gym.  

70% of us check our phone on the can, and 10% check it while getting busy!

To afford the average home in Ohio, you have to make at least $38,500 a year. 

If you have thick, and dark eyebrows, you may be a NARCISSIST. New study shows that is the one facial feature virtually all narcissists share.


Today is Wednesday, June 6th- It IS - D-Day, Drive-in Movie Day, YoYo Day, Kenny Chesney Day!

The CMT Music Awards airs live from Nashville tonight with hosts Little Big Town.

Designer Kate Spade died yesterday at the age of 55.

IHOP is changing their name to IHOb and we will find out what the b stands for on Monday…

No more bathing suits in the Miss America competition, they are focusing more on talent and achievements… 

You can now buy houses on Amazon..

A man is swimming from Japan to the United States.

Trending: Orange Juice Cakes!!

Brides are now carrying pizza bouquets down the aisle instead of flowers.


Today is Tuesday, June 5th- It IS - National Moonshine Day, Ketchup Day, Veggie Burgers Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

If you loved LeBron’s shorts suit, it cost $90,000, the socks cost $50!

Reese Witherspoon is about to sign deal for Legally Blonde 3!

If you are a teacher, bus driver or school staff, you get a free burger and fries today only at Red Robin!

Briana Williams, took her Harvard law exam last month- while she was in labor!!! 

New social media craze – men with beards looking up!

We are going to spend bout 15 BILLION on Father’s Day this year!

A new survey says, too much bad news can make you sick.

There are 157 new emojis available to you today!

WORST city in America to live in? Detroit. Not even close... 


Today is Monday, June 4th- It IS - Thank God It's Monday Day, Old Maid's Day, National CHEESE Day!

ABC is in talks to reboot Roseanne around Sara Gilbert’s character Darlene.

Applebee’s $1 Long Islands back for June.

Top 3 Brands seen favorably in America Neflix, Band-Aid and Amazon.

New for summer: booze infused ice cream.

If you walk faster, you live longer!

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