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Monday, 11 June 2018 06:16

Daily Scoop, Week of 6/11/18

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Today is Friday, June 15th- It IS - Country Fest Day 2! National Flip Flop Day, National Lobster Day

Broccoli is America’s favorite veggie.

Once again the most popular dog breed in America is the Labrador Retriever. 

The Grand Ole Opry to undergo $12 million renovation.

Ellen will go on her first standup tour in 15 years.


Hipster parents now are saying by a huge margin they regret giving their kids “cool” names.

If you want to get drunk faster, lose weight. Also takes you longer to sober up.

Allergy sufferers can relieve some of their symptoms with gin and tonic.

Men are having plastic surgery at a record pace in 2018.

Sleep researchers now say we need at least 8.5 hours of sleep! Why? Because we're stressed…


Today is Wednesday, June 13th- It IS - Random Acts of Light (Fighting Cancer), Roller Coaster Day, Cupcake Lover’s Day, Weed Your Garden Day, The Country Fest is 1 day away!!!!

Ariana Grande is engaged to Pete Davidson and the engagement ring cost 100 grand!

Pop Secret now makes Popfetti- popcorn with yellow cake, buttercream frosting with red and blue sprinkles. 

85% say the one thing they WON'T buy on Amazon, is...clothing! 

About 1/2 of Americans are skipping a summer vacation this year because of finances.

Half of Millenials expect to be millionaires one day!

If you diet together, or share a similar eating style, you will stay together longer with your partner.


Today is Tuesday, June 12th- It IS - Call Your Doctor Day, Peanut Butter Cookie Day, Loving Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

Happy Birthday – Chris Young 33

LeBron is 6th highest paid athlete in the world.

IHOP is only IHOb until August as a temporary promotion for their new burger menu. 

Scientists say they believe they can recreate a living dinosaur in the next 5 years… 

Applebee's is working on a new system for you where you can order on an app -- and have that food ready for you on the table by the time you show up.

Most TODDLERS eat more sugar every day than the amount meant for ADULTS.

New study finds that regular exercise benefits men more than it benefits women.

A new study found that people who exercise regularly are not only happier -- but they make more money.

100 years ago, virtually no one had a middle name. Only about 10%. Today, almost 100%.


Today is Monday, June 11th- It IS - Corn on the Cob Day, Cotton Candy Day, The Country Fest begins on Thursday!!!

Justify wins at Belmont and takes the Triple Crown!

A Game of Thrones prequel is officially happening! 

Google removed the eggs from its salad emoji to be "a more inclusive vegan salad.”

Sometime today we find out what IHOB stands for...

About half of Millenials say they would consider a job change if they could take their pet to work.

The most UNREMBERERED things in our lives - WIFI Password, Gas Tank Side, if the stove is on or not!

Kitchen towel is one of the germiest things in your home.

New research says sleeping in on the weekends can extend your life.

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