on 07 November 2012.

Meet Bandit! Bandit was rescued from an animal control facility. This is one low-key and kind boy. He loves children and other dogs and is confused that he has found himself in a shelter - AGAIN. Once adopted to his forever home, Bandit has been returned through no fault of his own. His family had a life change and, apparently, it didn't include him. The first time Bandit was in our care we noticed he appeared as though his vision was impaired. At most, he can see shadows. This doesn't appear to be much of a handicap because, in short time, we have witnessed this pretty-boy get comfortable with his surroundings. Bandit will need kindness & consistency because he shows signs of being unsure what’s expected of him. With your patience, Bandit will learn and become your next best friend - and the pet companion you've always wanted. Containment is "key" - either on the end of a safely installed lead / leash or in a fenced yard - when rescuing a dog until trust and boundary training is established. Furthermore, dogs do not fare well when encountering a moving car - especially small dogs!!! Keep in mind ... many dogs cannot ever be trusted off-lead. Do you have up to 15 years to share with a selfless dog? Do you understand the commitment? Can you provide a "forever home?" Do you have what it takes to be the best pet parent ever? If you can answer "yes" to these questions we can talk about a future for Bandit!

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