Charlie & Jordan

on 14 May 2014.

Are you 55 years or older? You may qualify for a grant funding the adoption of senior pets. Call 330.760.0763 to inquire.

Meet Charlie and Jordan. A bonded pair. Are they bonded because they are friends from a past life or did they bond in the Metro Parks when they were deliberately dumped. We don’t know if these 2 have history or became fast friends. But, we do know that they are great dogs that appear to love each other. We realize that them going to a home together may be a “stretch” but we have to try. Charlie appears to be a senior Chow (maybe purebred) and Jordan is a Beagle mix-breed dog. Jordan is agreeable and kind and, clearly, concerned with his whereabouts. Charlie is not a typical Chow by any means. He is outgoing and social and appears to want to go home. Both of these boys qualify for our “Seniors to Seniors” program which means the adoption fee will be paid by Pay It Forward For Pets for any adopter 55 years of age or older (adopter must qualify).

Note: Please keep in mind that all adoptable pets need time to decompress once they enter a home. For some it will happen quickly and for others it might take a few weeks. You'll want to be understanding of what they have been through and their level of insecurity. We ask that you treat all of them as if they were an 8 week old puppy. Assume they know nothing and begin at step one. You'll soon know what they are capable of and what behaviors you will need to “kindly” work on with your new family member. It's called commitment! And, that's what these pets want more than anything!



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