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Friday, 30 December 2016 15:29

MUSIC - My Five Favorite Songs of 2016

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2016 has been another great year in Country Music that was loaded with some good transition. There were so many great songs by all of our artists. 

There were some strong breakthrough acts this year that added a real nice seasoning to our already strong format. And for my ear, some of these artists and their great new songs and sound dominated my top 5 of the year. 

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5/  80's Mercedes - Maren Morris.  She absolutely has the chance to be a real player for years to come. Both of her singles were terrific as I loved My Church as well.  This song is a great example of a newer sound from a new woman artist that talks directly to her audience, with a really slick vocal performance and production. Plus, this has a thunderous beat, and that's nice to hear too.      http://marenmorris.com/


4/  Hometown Girl - Josh Turner.  So great to have him back and it's worth the wait.  This is a real nice mix of who Josh was, as it doesn't abandon the road he's traveled, and it paves the way for a clear view of where he's going.  And, there's never anything wrong with hearing Josh put the pipes to a good song.  http://joshturner.com/

3/  May We All - Florida Georgia Line.  I loved Holy too, but this a real nice song and a bit different from them as was Holy.  Their 2016 songs have shown some real versatility.  They are on a great roll these days and are cementing themselves as one of our largest acts.   http://floridageorgialine.com/

2/  I Met A Girl - William Michael Morgan.  Great song, done traditionally, sung by a young singer with a Stetson, that is totally believable.  This song is among the ones that are really centering the format.  A lot of singers I feel would have loved to have this song. http://www.williammichaelmorgan.com/

1/  Head Over Boots - Jon Pardi.  Good example of the right song finding the ABSOLUTE right singer.  In the end, you gotta have the song! And this is really a good one.  This song also reminds us that with all the serious ballads and love songs out there, country music is still fun, and there's room for all kinds of country.   http://www.jonpardi.com/

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