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Friday, 17 February 2017 10:32

LOCAL GOLF - Tee It Up This Weekend

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It looks like an early beginning to the 2017 golf season locally.  Get out and play this weekend, The Dewsweepers are.  But when I learned that there will be less courses to play around here, as a few have chosen to close it made me sad.

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I always mourn when certain places close down forever.  Theaters, amusement parks, stadiums, schools and golf courses.  Places that were built for no other purpose but to bring people together for fun.  Even if you're a hard core tough guy, it is hard to watch the end of any long running era that was once so important come to a permanent end.  These kind of closings always have, and always will make me sad.  There were hard times for some of these courses, and some are making room for newer commerce.

This spring, I will wonder how those workers will feel when they climb high atop gigantic machinery, and level those golf courses for good.  It's their job I get it, but a couple of these courses have been around for almost 100 years.  How much fun and joy did they bring to so many for so long? 

There is no denying that less people are playing golf over the past few years.  The recession chased some people out of the game altogether and they never came back.  Profit margins on courses are slim and with a drop in play, some just can't make it anymore.

But a larger question does remain.  Golf remains very popular, and tons of people still play, but will they continue to do so many years from now?  Threats are development as land is valuable, and the future players themselves.

Golf is about the only sport you can play your entire life. Some of the best friends I have ever made, and best times I have ever had have been on a golf course.  Golf is a game that requires patience, and isn't learned quickly or easily. Right now it seems they don't, but do teens, and or younger adults have the attention span, desire and the patience to learn a game that isn't fast, technically or action based? 

That's a fair question, and I hope so. Support your local golf course this weekend, and this summer.

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