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Sunday, 10 September 2017 13:08

The Tribe - Tito's Hand Made Roster

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The Tribe is rolling along right now with a 19 game winning streak and are the talk of the town.

This incredibly likable team have become the darlings of the area again, and are doing what only a winning Major League Team can do.  Re-energize an area like nothing else can. I, like you, never saw an 19 game winning steak coming, but no one should be surprised the Indians are 31 games over .500 with about 20 to go.  If you say you're not surprised at the streak, I'm not buying it.  It's happened a couple times in about 100 years.

It makes me laugh every season.  Even when things are going well for the Tribe, Twitter, Facebook, and even Sports Talk Radio are a buzz about how terrible this guy is, or how they need to send this guy down, or let's trade this guy, or go get this guy.  "Experts" of so many kinds who have a fundamental non-understanding of the game.  Many in our areas continually get the Indians and the Browns confused, and they are two completely different stories in every single way imaginable.  While the Browns have struggled with virtually every aspect of building a winning franchise, the Tribe has been brilliant in same.  The Indians these days -  are not "Typical Cleveland"

Terri (Tito) Francona is the main reason why.  One team can say they have the runaway best manager in the Major Leagues -  and that's us.  And it's not even close.  He has been the reason that players play as hard as they do, the reason free agents want to come here, and the reason top prospects break their butt to get up here and play well for him.  His managing hand and style are that of legend.  He's going to the Hall Of Fame as a manager, and few will be more deserving. 

Baseball is a very long season with 162 games played roughly over 200 days.  You are going to have your great patches, your rough stretches, your injuries, and disappointments. That is why we love the game so much.  It so mimics life, that we relate to it completely.  It takes patience to be a baseball fan, a good one anyway.  And Social Media has made it so easy to vent emotions quickly without putting a great deal of thought into it.  As to where some have to devour a bushel basket of crow with a shovel for dinner.

Ever notice that at years end, the guys that many fans scream about in May, end up being the reason your playing in October?  And of course the reverse can be true, as many times the "Blossoms Of April" ending up being "The Weeds of September."   The Indians are doing this area such good, no matter what happens with this streak, or from now on, enjoy this amazing ride.

I admit, my patience wears thin sometimes too, but not at Tito's Hand Made Roster, but when you're going great, I have a hard time waiting till the next day to play. 

Go Tribe!

scott small

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