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Saturday, 07 October 2017 08:56

THE TRIBE - The Right Way

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This Tribe ride we are all on is simply amazing.  Last nights unimaginable win has electrified our area - yet again.  As they have many times this summer.

Why is this team so fun? Why are they so successful? And why is this happening?  The reason, to me, has become clear as glass.  They play the game, and handle themselves the right way.  Granted you need talent to get to this point, but to win this way -  and possibly climb the tallest mountain in sports, the intangibles are what gets you there. 

These guys are not outwardly worried about being on Sportscenter.  They don't mind where they play, who they play, or on what obscure network or what time. They don't care who gets the credit, and they go out every day with the idea of going on.  All of this is pretty unusual in today's modern sports world with today's modern pro athlete.  Isn't is funny, when you watch the Tribe play, it's not like watching sports, it's like watching life.  A bunch of guys that clearly care for each other, relish each others company and celebrate each others contribution. 

They play with a Little League like enthusiasm, they run out ground balls, they never give up, the bench is into the game, and they have been all season long.  As a season ticket holder I have been to a bunch of games, and this fact alone you can clearly see, has other teams in this league befuddled.  They just don't get it, it's all over their faces. They play positions and take on roles that Tito asks them to, and it works. Sure, Tito looks like the genius, and he is. But the guys have to buy into him, and give it all up on the field for him, for them and for us, to get it done.

What a great lesson for all us of in what we do, at work, or in life.  When we believe in what we are doing, who we are with, and where we are going, it makes a difference. When you do something the right way, the right thing has the best chance of happening.

Go Tribe!

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