Wynn and Wilson 5:30-10 am weekday mornings.

Nationally recognized with 3 ACM nominations and 1 CRS Country Aircheck Award for Personality of the Year

on Wednesday, 11 June 2014 11:32.

 Support animal welfare and while you have a great time at the “Pay It Forward For Pets” Summer Fun Casino Night, this Saturday, June 14th @  7 at the Akrona Art Gallery on West Market Street (right next to the radio station!) And 100% of Proceeds support animal rescue efforts in our Community.  Go to pay it forward for pets.org to  make your reservation thru PayPal NOW! And join us every Thursday morning for  Country Pet Rescue featured dog of the week-- with Georjette Thomas from Pay it Forward for Pets!

on Wednesday, 11 June 2014 11:30.

Winning is fun, but it teaches you nothing.

The key to surviving failure is to not take it personally

Ketchup is for French fries and hamburgers. Not dogs.

Grown-ups don’t know everything. Doing our best.

Yes, everyone is going to die one day and that really stinks.

You can be mad at someone and still love them. (At the same time)

on Wednesday, 11 June 2014 10:55.

New research shows that sending just one affectionate text message a day to your partner could significantly improve your relationship. Texts are linked with increased feelings of intimacy and closeness, and ultimately strengthen the bond between you as a couple.  People showing more affection are generally more satisfied with their relationship and that if you are  Further research has shown that if you’re satisfied, then you’re less likely to divorce.

on Friday, 06 June 2014 12:30.

Brad Paisley/Countryfest Online Auction--now thru Monday, June 9th at 9am. Bid on an acoustic guitar autographed by BRAD PAISLEY and a pair of 3-day wristbands to COUNTRYFEST 2014!! Proceeds benefit NEOPAT. Auction ends Monday, June 9th at 9am. Visit WQMX.com to place a bid!

on Friday, 30 May 2014 10:37.

Huffington Post asked  Facebook and Twitter readers to share the one piece of advice they'd offer fellow divorced folks looking to date again. See what they had to say below, then head to the comments and weigh in with your advice.

1. "Think of it this way: You know what you DON'T want. Now go out there and figure out what you DO want."

2. "Fix yourself first. When you're able to tell your story and not cry then you're ready to date."

3. "The dating scene has changed since you were last part of it. It takes time to process that along with everything you've been through with the divorce. Be cognizant of that and try your hardest to take things slow."

4. "Don't cling to someone new just because you're lonely. Be picky. Think long and hard about what you no longer want to invite into your life and once you have, don't compromise those things for the sake of companionship (even if it is super hot companionship -- sigh)."

5. "Only date when you're ready and know that the time it takes to be ready varies from person to person. Once you're open to dating, feel free to make mistakes and embrace this new phase in your life. I don't mean be completely hedonistic, but feel free to be adventurous and get to know new people."

6. "Date, date, date. But take time to make yourself happy first and don't expect the people you're seeing to help you get over your divorce. Dates are not band-aids."

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