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MOVIE REVIEW - Jurassic World

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They're back!  The man made Dino's in the new movie, and a direct sequel to the original Jurassic Park, it's the new Jurassic World with Chris Pratt.


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This of course is a can't miss with fans.  It introduces itself to a whole new set of young fans who now get to sit in the theater and see the amazing CG technology bring these reptiles to life in incredible fashion.  There was no doubt 20 years ago this was amazing and it still is today.  The dinosaurs are incredible to say the least.  That part of this is Hollywood at its best as far as special effects go.

Jurassic World though is a side step in the same direction as the original.  There is not whole lot of new ideas at all.  We are still asking the question of, "Should we be creating extinct monsters for public pleasure because we can?"  The answer still appears to be the same as it was in 1993 on film, and that is - no!  Dinosaurs had their 150 million year run, and every time we bring them back it all seems to go wrong.

This movie still makes loud social commentary too about greedy corporations that are willing to risk lives for their own profit.  And it also shows our main characters making the exact same mistakes as they have in the three previous flicks.  So in essence, JW takes no new risks and really no new directions at all.  And for many movie purists and critics that will be a problem.  But for fans that just want to see dinosaurs fight and eat humans, there will be no such problem.

We have some new dinosaurs and some of the old favorites.  And there is no shortage of action scenes to keep everyone engaged.  Being honest, there is plenty of human death, and death by the worst way imaginable Some of this could actually be way too intense for young viewers. Could be some bad dreams ahead.  There are also some very intense fight scenes that may be too much for little ones.  This has a PG-13 rating and that is probably accurate.  My feeling is, this is the most intense and graphic of the series, but it has to be.  The public demands it.

There is a bunch of general silliness with this too that does not make this better. Pratt plays an expert that can train raptors with his bare hands, and get them to listen to him as he attempts to connect with him.  Although a new direction,  it fails badly.  I am not sure any thinking person buys the fact that these animals would have any interest in being harnessed by anyone or thing.  Ridiculous plot line. And we had to create a character for Chris Pratt that make him cool.

But there is some nice humor and general fun with this, that makes it not take itself too serious and that helps.  Incredible effects, and a fairly good pace keep this above water.  Unlike the original, they waste no time pulling you into the action with our star animals. Long gone is the day of real story telling in these kinds of movies, as fans can't be bothered.  They want action, they want to laugh, and they want to see cool, good looking, wise cracking stars on camera. And that's what they get here.

Jurassic World.  A new era in this series has begun.  Mission accomplished and it's alright. But there is nothing really new here.


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