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MOVIE REVIEWS - Now In Theaters

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You've been busy, and maybe after the holidays you are going to be looking for things to do.  Here is what is new for you at the movies.

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LA LA Land

This movie is going to win so many awards, it may need a tractor trailer to get them all home. This is is a wonderfully done movie that Hollywood will love to honor during award season, because it is a story about - itself.  Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone star and both will be nominated for numerous awards as well.

This is a great mixture of old school musicals, and a modern one.  The singing, the dancing, and the music in general is amazing.  Incredibly filmed, superbly written, and acted brilliantly.  It's a love story, a comedy and tragedy and a musical.  This is as original as movies get, and this is an experience that every movie lover should not miss on the big screen.

One of the best movies of this year. Or any year.


Why Him

Well, James Franco does make me laugh sometimes, and he does here as well.  This is another comedy where the daughter is marrying the "wrong guy" and dad ain't to happy about it. Franco is Laird and he is about as goofy as they come.  Brian Cranston is the dad who is being tormented by Laird.

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This has some fun moments and is pretty funny throughout.  We just never seem to get tired of this formula.  This is rated a hard R, and well deserved.  Kudos to Megan Mullally who was quite funny here as mom, and there is a funny supporting cast. 

Not great, but good fun


Fences is a new movie starring Denzel Washington and Viola Davis.  This was adapted from a play and this movie actually views like one. This is really serious drama, with a stellar story and an equally stellar performance by Washington who also directed this.   He could win both Oscars.

It's a story in the early 1960's of a struggling family in Pittsburgh, who are a victim of the times, timing of life, race and family background.  This is very powerful and will make you uncomfortable at times with its honesty.  This is not big on a music soundtrack, or anything flashy, this is simply great actors, being great telling a story that is tough to watch at times, but worth the time.



A short Indy movie about former first lady Jackie Kennedy, and the days immediately following her husband's assassination in 1963.  This stars Oscar winner Natalie Portman as Jackie.  And this will be the role of her career. She is magnificent.

This deals with Jackie as a wife, mother, and first lady and takes you to places you never have been with the Kennedy's.  This is wonderfully written, acted and  produced.   This also has incredible costuming, sets and a very strong supporting cast.  Portman is amazing, and she will more than likely be nominated for another Oscar. 

Limited release, but worth the drive to find it.


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