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Sunday, 12 February 2017 14:33

MOVIE REVIEWS - New This Week February 12

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The movies this week are both acquired tastes.  And they are polar opposites.  Let's look.


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John Wick Chapter 2

The original of this series I thought was simply sensational, in what it was. An over the top, basically a parody of graphic novel movies starring Keanu Reeves as the amazing John Wick.  He is an incredible hit man who is trying to retire (yeah right), and he keeps getting pulled back into the game.  And he does here again.

He is called on to this time kill a sister of a mobster so the mobster can rise in the "field."  Wick has no option but to oblige, again reluctantly. To say this is violent is the biggest understatement of the year.  But this is really fun, and when you understand this is what it is, you can swallow it and let yourself escape with this.

The action is simply great and the opening sequence is as fun, funny, over the top and ridiculous as any you will see.  They have created a really interesting character in Wick, and you want to see what he does next.  NO KID on earth should see this movie.  Insanely violent and a HARD R rating. But interestingly with all the violence, there is virtually no bad language, nudity, or sexual situations of any kind.  Very interesting there.

John Wick 2.   Great escapism.

50 Shades Darker

Perfect example of a flick that critics are going to shred like last weeks mail, and fans are going to love more than any other movie this year.  Second installments of trilogies are usually the worst of the lot, and it's tough to imagine the next one could be more boring than this.  But with seconds generally being the worst, we will give a bit of a mulligan here.

The books were so big and popular, that the pressure on the movie makers here is intense.  I feel the fatal flaw in the whole idea of making this series is the watering down of the premise.  I say take the risk, make it NC-17 and let adults have the movie they are grown up enough to see and let their visions from the book come to life.  In short, with a story and premise so bold and taboo, they are simply making lame mainstream movies about it.

This again is diluted down to a safer, less edgy series that may be striking a chord with fans to a degree, but where they could be going with this would be more honest.  Now we have a slightly edgy love story, and for many this is simply boring.  Pretty tough to do, but take this subject matter and make it a snoozer?  They did. 

50 Shades Darker.  True, it is darker, slower, boring and far less than the original.


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