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MOVIE REVIEW - The Fate Of The Furious

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This franchise keeps getting larger and larger.  This really does defy the odds.


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This is number eight in this series, that was granted a 250 million dollar budget and is going to make it back ten times over.  This is no spoiler here, they are all here. All your favs and some new ones as this series is most definitely going to charge on well past this one.  And I'm glad for that.  This is pretty darn good PG-13 entertainment.

This time Charlize Theron is our villain and she is terrific as the ruthless cyber bully that is bent on breaking up the family and recruiting Dom to her insanely evil side.  She is wonderful, and not overly dramatic.   She was perfectly cast.

There is plenty of bang for your buck too. This is strewn with tons of well done action scenes. Some of them though do look like movies past, But nonetheless, there is lots to feast your eyes on.  Much of the action scenes too were filmed in downtown Cleveland and the city really is on display for you to see.  Although you are lead to believe it is New York City.

This is fun, well done and just flat out escapism, and in today's world we need some of that.   And to think this series was almost stopped after the third film.

Fate Of The Furious.  This is really fun and a long, long way from Tokyo Drift.


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