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Something for everyone, but only one will really matter this week and you know what it is.


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Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

I loved the first installment of this series, and I like this one way more.  As far as comic book and superhero flicks are concerned, this series has the absolute right idea.  Chris Pratt leads a terrific cast again in this incredibly entertaining movie that people will fall in love with.  This is the best superhero flick series - period.

For my money, the best comic book flicks are the ones that embrace the fun that comic books can be.  I love the ones that have a thread of humor that runs through not just certain moments, but throughout the entire movie.  So many of these become too dark, too serious and make it more difficult to enjoy them.  I also think that they can become more "offensive" (the only word I can come up with), where they invent villains that resemble so closely real life terrorists that are really no joke.  And then lead us to think that some flying, ray shooting, joke cracking superhero will show up and save us all.

This movie is funny, fun, action based, and all at the same time continues to develop its characters like few others really do.  Or try to do.  This is way out there fun, that understands that these movies should be entertaining

This will easily be one of the most entertaining movies of this year  -  or any year.  Great performances, an interesting story, and Baby Groot??  C'mon!  Who wonderful is this?

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2.  Run to see this. Terrific!

How To Be A Latin Lover

We need a good comedy.  What a surprise hit, and what a fun flick.  This little movie is the story of a middle aged Mexican man, who used his good looks as a young man, to hook up with rich old women simply for the money.  And when his sugar mama of 25 years throws him out, he must find a new one, or just change his life.

This movie has a bunch of names you know. Salma Hayek, Rob Lowe, Raquel Welch, Kristin Bell, Linda Lavin, Micheal Cera, Rob Corddry and Eugenio Derbez who is terrific as Maximo, our Latin Lover wanna be again.  And Rapheal Alajandro is simply amazing as Maximo's young nephew.

Not all of this works, there are some moments that could have been rethought, and edited out, but this is overall pretty funny, and really fun.

Looking for a laugh, this will give it to you!


The Circle

What a disappointment.  This is a way better idea than movie.  This gigantic company, The Circle, is sort of a mixture of Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Twitter thinks that they have the answer to all of our problems.  They think there should be virtually no privacy at all.  They also, upon further review seem to be up to no good, possibly evil.

This script is really silly, and not even Tom Hanks and Emma Watson can save it.  There are tons of holes in this, general silliness, and some stupid stereotypes.  Plus, this makes young people look foolish by and large.  Even though one of them wakes up and saves the day.  (Not a spoiler, you'll see it coming, like everything else in this.)

This has a lousy script, marginal performances, and is among the most predictable movies you will ever see.  Should be noted, Bill Paxton has a small role, think this was his movie shot before his tragic death.

The Circle.  Not good.  So many of these "tech" flicks just don't do very well.


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