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Friday, 26 May 2017 09:34


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The much hyped Baywatch satirical movie is here with The Rock and Zac Efron.

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This movie is getting ripped by critics, and here is a good example of a flick they will hate, and those who goes will like. Probably a lot.  This movie totally makes fun of every aspect of the long running TV show.  The plot lines, the filming, the whole concept of these lifeguards somehow turning into cops.  We all wondered that when the show was on, or were we simply giving it a pass because of the pretty people on it?

This movie spends the entire film making fun of itself, and what's not to like about that?  Yes, this is mindless fun.  Great?  No! Too long?  Yes!  And yes sometimes the "comedy" envelope was pushed a bit too far and the movie is not better for it.  I could have done without seeing a thing or two that happens here, but I dealt and you can too.


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You do have to have some knowledge of the TV show to get all the jokes and situations, but if not, you can catch on pretty quickly.  The Rock is funny, I like him in roles like this, and the supporting cast is fine too.  Some nice action, and of course lots of pretty people.

 Baywatch.  Go, it's fun.  Leave your mind at home for a bit.


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