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MOVIE REVIEW - In Theaters Now

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Let's get caught up on what is out there for you at the flicks.


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Atomic Blonde

This graphic novel come to life with the full weight of actor and producer Charlize Theron is what's fun for you right now.  This has been highly anticipated all spring, and being honest, this good - not great.

This is in the John Wick vein, but not as effective.  But what this lacks in parody and fun, it does make up for in a deeper story, and and overall more adult feel.  Theron plays our hero, our secret agent who works for....well who?  She is an amazing hand-to-hand combat agent, and quite frankly is great at about everything, ala James Bond.  This takes place in 1989, just days before the Berlin Wall came down, and it's a battle for control of sensitive info before the world changes for good

This is really fun, and Theron is terrific as this enigmatic character, who does much of her own stunt work.  James McAvoy, and John Goodman too.  This is not as great as the anticipation, but this is good summer fun. Violent yes, and adult all the way, but good summer flick.

Girls Trip

OK, this is a bit late but this is worth the wait.  This is the latest of the "Hangover" type movies, and the new trend is to show women acting "badly."  This has much of the same formula as Hangover, and Bridesmaids, but this is so much more than that.

This has a number of good laughs, and maybe a few too many sight gags.  Some I could have done without seeing.  But, after you cut through all the stuff, this delivers a pretty nice message on friendship, and of self empowerment, no matter who you are. 


 (Trailer Inappropriate For This Site)

Four girls in  New Orleans doing a lot of naughty things, OK.  But there is more here.  It may have taken them to long to say it, at 2 hours, 2 minutes shorter would have been better, but not a deal breaker.  This is overall fun, and had the theater laughing out loud.

The Emoji Movie

Can we just stop?  Please?




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