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Friday, 08 September 2017 11:32


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At last!  THE movie adaptation of Stephen King's 1,100 page thriller IT, comes to the big screen this week, and it is terrific.


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This story, and the slightly under budget early visual attempts have ruined clowns for countless people, and this will only make it worse.  But I'm good with that, as this movie is adapted well, acted well, and overall captured well.  And will... well, give you a jolt or two.

Pennywise, the well, whatever IT is, clown demon thing, is terrorizing the fictional town of Derry, Maine where children are disappearing at an alarming rate.  And as the town keeps ignoring this fact, a group of brave kids decide to take IT, straight on.

This movie is very rare in the essence that it virtually has no adult actors in it.  This is basically all kids, who are casted well, and are all very good, in a bevy of large roles with tons of difficult dialogue.  The direction is terrific as the emphasis is placed on being a cruel mind game for you, as opposed to tons to loud jolts and crashes. There is a lot of slow burn suspense here, and the payoff is quite good in most scenes.   This is like the roller coaster you have never ridden because of one thing or another.  But you should ride this one as this is worth seeing, even if scary movies are not your thing.

Much of this is classic King. Knowing what scares you, and preying on your fears from your childhood.  And also giving you the epiphany of having things scare you that you didn't know you were afraid of when you walked into the theater.  About everything about this is really great, and this is head and shoulders above most sellout "scary" movies that hit the theaters this time of year.

IT.  A King Classic, that movie goers should not miss. This is the version you have been waiting for.


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