LOCAL GOLF - Dewsweepers Golf Course Review - Mallard Creek

on 11 August 2014.

Course: Mallard Creek (Ye Old Course)

Location:  Rt. 82 in Columbia Station, Lorain County

Directions:  Easy access from I-71, and the Turnpike on Rt. 82, or I-480,  5 miles West of Strongsville

Time: 15 Minutes from Medina, 30 from Akron, and 30 from most of greater Cleveland, 40 From Kent area.

Dewsweepers Tee Time Was:  608 AM

Mallard Creek Website

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Mallard Creek is a very nice 36 hole facility that is easy to get to, and more than likely gets more play overall than maybe any golf course in the area.  There are two separate 18's here, today we played the original, or "Ye Old Course" as we call it.  The original 18 here is wrapped around by the newer 18, and the two are very different. Ye Old Course is tree lined on almost every hole, with dog legs and strategic water.  Ye New Course has a whole bunch more water, and overall is a more challenging course from start to finish, especially the front 9.

Ye Old Course is straight forward and right in front of you.  From average tees it's about 6,400 yards, and can play deep at about 6,600.   There are some very tough par 4's especially, that can mess up your round.  But there are holes to get strokes back on if you can survive.   This is a course, that if you play it a couple of times, you can learn and figure out some of the nuances and score on.  It's generally a generous driving course, with a stronger emphasis on second short prowess.  The greens are not hugely fast, but always in good shape, and many are quite large and you can possibly have amazingly long putts.

Mallard Creek Clubhouse - Front

Joe Red again had a great week.  First off, he played a clean amateur round, by not recording anything worse than a bogey. And that's the first step to scoring well.  No penalties, and only one 6.  A birdie on 3, and really strong play gave him a very nice 38/42 for a slick 80 today.  Red is finding his game, and is striking the ball very well. 

Tex had a tough stretch on the front with 3 doubles in a row. Not hard to do as 2 of those holes are very tough par 4's, and a 3 we never seem to play well.  Then an explosion on 12, an uphill par 5, that really hurt. But other than that, a nice round that kept him around for most of the morning, and he planted a 45/49 for 94 on the day.  The bad number on 12 was the difference.

Beef battled all day long. We have all had those rounds where nothing really comes easy, but you hang in there and somehow keep the number livable.   And just as it seemed the round would get away from him, a nice 5 hole par streak on the back, and he tossed in a nice birdie too, settled things down for a 44/40, 84 on the day.  And the only strokes over par on the back were doubles on both par 5's. A sin - but a very nice recovery.

Beef, Tex, and Joe Red.  3/4 of the Dewsweepers

I played very consistently today. 11 pars really helped, but no birdies.  Although I did not really drive the ball very well overall, I too survived. Had good iron play, and played as smart as I could.  I had 3 doubles, (all uncalled for) that hurt, but at the end of the day, it all added up to 41/41, for 82.  Not bad since I didn't drive the ball well half the round.  I was happy too with the consistency.

Course highlights?  Number 2, long doggy left, 430 yards, tree lined both sides, and tight.  #4, 400 yard par 4, uphill and tree lined all the way.  #9, short par 5, with two water hazards, and a 10,000 square foot green, #1 handicap.  #10, 400 yard par 4, doggy right, tree lined all the way, very tough.  #12, uphill par 5, tree lined, and 3 good shots required.  #17, 375 yard par 4, doggy right, tree lined, tough driving. 

Tough #17.  Easy after the tough drive -  repeat , AFTER!

Mallard Creek is a very fun course to play, that can be played to accommodate many skill levels. This course gets a ton of play, and taking that into account, is always in pretty good shape.  A nice clubhouse, driving range, and putting greens, gets you ready to go. Also, this is a large place and wonderful pavilion areas and this place hosts a ton of outings.

Mallard Creek, is a staple on our tour, and we will return to play, and review Ye New Course later this summer.  Should be mentioned, this course is managed very well. As much play as it gets, they keep things moving well, and understand the game and the level of play that plays there.

Next week The Dewsweepers return to Huron to tee it up at another great 36 hole place, Thunderbird Hills.  This time we will play the North Course as we reviewed The South a month or so ago.

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