MOVIE REVIEW - Let's Be Cops

on 14 August 2014.

Goodness! Here comes a "comedy" that pushes about every button that really shouldn't be pushed and it's called, Let's Be Cops.

If you've seen the previews for this movie, you've seen pretty much the entire movie that may give  you a laugh or two.  (NOTED: Much of the trailer is not in the movie in its entirety). If you think that this is going to be raunchier than the trailer, it is, but not much. But in addition to not being really original or funny, it pushes the envelope of decent taste by taking police work lightly.  The Police Academy movies 30 years ago dealt with this for a while, but I think we feel differently about our first responders now than we did then.

This is about two buddies in Los Angeles who are roommates and on the wrong track in life.  They are going nowhere, and need something to put them on a more mature path in life.  So they decide to go to a costume party dressed as cops. They find out that people think they are actual cops, and decide to impersonate cops. They even buy a police car off E-bay, and go on patrol.

Their motive at first is to smoke weed on busts, and go to sorority houses to look at the sisters.  They are living a high life, until they somehow find themselves in the middle of a gang-and-corrupt-cops arms running scheme.  Now they are involved and the danger is real.  Will they get caught? And will they survive?

In addition to not really being funny or original, this just flat out looks dated.  This is clearly intended for 20 year old's with its 90's sound track and its younger "stars."  This is loaded with recreational drug usage and enough profanity to go around.  And it also looks like 100 other movies that have come before it, and the next 100 that will come later. This is forgettable, and simply snoozable.  I love a good comedy, and even a raunchy one that's done well, but I had a hard time staying awake here, especially at the start.

Let's Be Cops.  Save your money.

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