MOVIE REVIEW - The Quiet Ones

on 01 May 2014.

Here comes another scary movie that somehow forgot to be "scary."  The paranormal story of The Quiet Ones.

This movie is based on "actual events" from England in 1974 of a scientific experiment that began at Oxford, and ended up as a private affair.  It's the story of a college relentless professor and some of his students as they observe, document and try to unlock the secret of a "possessed" young woman.   The woman has a spirit living within that manifests itself and is tearing this woman apart. But who, or what is this spirit really?  Can they successfully remove the spirit and allow this subject to live a regular life?  Or is this spirit dangerous to them and to her? That is The Quiet Ones.

This will be short and sweet. This movie looks, sounds, and feels like 10,000 other movies that have come before it.  Everything about this is typical, and basic.  Lots of shadows, lots of banging, and a flash or two here and there of something different, and mildly compelling. But sadly, not near enough.  This is about as predictable as anything you will ever pay to see.  And it's another picture where after wading through this quagmire for almost 2 hours, you will learn nothing, and have absolutely no answers to the questions you may be asking yourself.  If you can stay awake.

I am growing a bit weary of these "based on actual event" movies of stories you have never heard of in any way.  And isn't is funny that all of them are about some kind of paranormal activity where in there end there are no answers, and nothing really resolved.  That's bad enough, but the real problem here is, it's not even close to being scary, horrifying, frightening or anything like that.  There is just frankly no reason to go.  This is non-compelling and this just lays there, sleeping...just like I almost was, and you might be.

The Quiet Ones.  It's quiet alright, a little too quiet. It'll put you to sleep!

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