on 16 May 2014.

They have been making Godzilla movies now for 60 years.  2014 marks Toho Productions iconic monster figure officially 60.  For some perspective that's 10 years longer than James Bond.  He is the longest running franchise in movie history.

The new Godzilla has a whole lot of toys, bells and whistles that the 1954 original with Raymond Burr, or the silly rubber suited ones of the 1960's didn't.  Today, we have computer generation animation, IMAX, incredible 3-D, plus movie making in general has spring forward leaps and bounds.  While all of that is used in the new 2014 version of Godzilla, that isn't what makes it good alone.  

They have rebooted Godzilla for a whole new era of movie goers that maybe have never seen one of the previous 28 Godzilla movies.  It goes back to the beginning and borrows the underlying theme from the 1954 original.  Then, it was only 9 years after the real atomic bomb dropping on Hiroshima, and the original made social commentary on the dangers of atomic power, and the new atomic age.  Godzilla, long thought to be a mythical almost God-like serpent was awakened and created by nuclear blasts and tests and wreaked havoc on Japan. 

In today's version there are new monsters to tend with.  After a mining accident in the Philippines in 1999, a horrible radiation eating monster is discovered, and causes a huge nuclear power plant accident in Japan.  They try to cover it up for 15 years, and do, until another accident from a government experiment goes wrong, and our radiation eating monster is one the loose.   He is so dangerous, because he makes all electrical activity in a huge radius non-existent, as he is insanely radioactive.  There is also loud commentary made here on the vulnerability of losing the power grid, and its possible devastating effects. Suddenly the world's balance of power is out of balance.

Enter Godzilla.  Godzilla is an "alpha-predator" and has resurfaced to balance things out. He is the only hope for man, as all of our weapons are obsolete, with no power.  Godzilla has sensed that there is challenge to his power, as top of the food chain rule and he intends to rid the world of these horrible monsters on his own.  All of our weapons are useless with no power, and humanity stands defenseless.

Yeah, this is science fiction, and good sci-fi to boot.  In an era where there is no shortage of superheros, with amazing gadgetry, and technology, it's good to have a hero that is a good old 500 foot tall fire breathing dinosaur like creature.  This is a throwback to an past era, and is pretty darn good movie making for what it is. This is simply summer fun.  Buy a big tub of corn, grab a soda and sit back and watch.

Godzilla checks in at only 2 hours, and doesn't wear out its welcome.  Also, it does not become fatiguing with way too long of battle or action scenes.  This boasts a real good cast with Bryan Cranston, Juliette Binoche, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe, David Strathairn, and the talented Ashley Olsen. Oh, yeah, and Godzilla.  It is PG-13, is not overly intense, but is action packed especially near the end.  For those who are Godzilla veterans, it will be good to see an old friend again, and for those new to the whole thing, this is a good introduction.

Godzilla.  Good summer sci-fi fun.

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