on 26 May 2014.

Here comes yet another Adam Sandler comedy. We get one about every year this time, and it's always the same.  Critics hate them, and those who choose to go see them, love them.

Sandler had no where to go but up after last summers putrid, Grown Ups 2.  So right off the bat, this one is better than that.  But not by a mile, maybe by a foot or two.  This time Sandler has drug along Drew Barrymore again, and some more of his friends to make his movie that attempts to lampoon the troubles facing today's parents.

Meet Jim (Sandler).  He is a single father of three young girls, whose wife has passed away from cancer a few years earlier.   He goes on a date with Lauren, (Barrymore).  She is a single mother of two young boys after a nasty divorce.  The date is horrible, and they vow not to see each other again.  But as fate would have it, they do, and somehow end up on an African vacation together complete with their kids.   So will they fall in love and end up a blended family?  I'm guessing they will.

Please!  While there are a few nice moments here, and yes there is a few seconds of being poignant,  this looks like it was written in about an hour.  And more than that, it looks like it was an all expense paid trip to Africa for Sandler and his friends.  It's the same old thing in every single movie.   Jokes about formerly "taboo" topics until Sandler has made them a mainstay in this movies.  This is yet another 7th grade level humor piece that is insanely insulting to anyone who has chosen to grow up.  Yes I laughed a few times, but I would hope to. But mostly, this is just the same of junk.

Although this movie has dropped pretty much all of the poop and pee jokes and gags that many previous Sandler movies have, it has ventured into a new level of distasteful humor.  For some reason we are supposed to think it's funny to hear a little girl, about 4, saying highly objectionable things at the wrong times.  And it's not funny.   And that's only scratching the surface of how really bad this is.   

Sandler has fallen so far as a movie maker it's almost sad.  Yes, he does know what makes the infantile laugh, and that's a skill.   But all of this lately is so incredible unimaginative, and looks terribly dated.  But there is money to be made, and I guess there are still those who haven't had enough of people spitting up food, gross humor and  dirty jokes in their lives.

Blended.  It will be a hit, but you may think it is funnier... than it honestly is.

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