LOCAL GOLF - Dewsweepers Golf Course Review - Thunderbird Hills - South

on 22 June 2014.

Course: Thunderbird Hills - South

Location: Huron, Erie County

Directions:  Right on Rt. 2, easy access - on the highway.

Minutes From:  30 from Cleveland, 60 from Akron

Dewsweepers Tee Time Was: 630

Thunderbird Hills Website

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It has been awhile since we checked in for a review and it's good to be back.  We had some bad weather, and were rained out some. Also, some courses were having troubled conditions, and we had some scheduling issues as well, but today we played in perfect weather.

Thunderbird Hills South, is one of two courses at the Thunderbird complex which also includes the older, more mature North Course.  Both are terrific, and worth the drive to play.  The South course is much newer, and very different that it's older sibling, and is fast becoming a great, great golf course.

Small clubhouse at The South, the fantastic Bar North is across the highway at The North Course.

This is about 6,500 yards with tons of pine trees, and rapidly growing pear, and oak trees that line most fairways. The tee shots generally are generous, as The South is nothing tricky or sneaky. It's right out in front of you, and if you keep it in the fairway, life is good.  Miss it, and the rough is difficult, and the trees come into play.  The South also plays uphill seemingly the whole way -  and it does, so adjust clubs accordingly.  There are only a couple elevated greens, but many approach shots play uphill from the fairway, although gently, and it can confound you if you don't make adjustments.

The greens are flat out terrific.  They are not hugely fast, I would call them quick. But they are amazingly true, and rolled perfectly.  Putt it there, and it does there. They held shots well, and were very receptive for a public golf course.  They have mild slopes and curves, and today's pin placements were a nice mix of front to middle to back.  I like when courses do that, mix it up.

Today we all played pretty well.  We all kept the ball in play for the most part. We all took turns scrambling at times, but overall there was consistent play.   Joe Red, back from some work travels was the most steady today, posting a very nice 83 by keeping the ball in play, and making some very nice 2-putts that helped save his score.  Tex, is hitting his driver so much better, and today hit it straight, and well, and set himself up for easier second shots. Tex had a few putting woes, but still posted a 90 on a tough course.

Joe Red  - recorded a hole-in-one on #7 here, a couple years ago!

Beef played pretty well all day, but had a few self-inflicted mistakes that can get you down, but he kept fighting and was able to post an 86.  I played fairly well, as I battled an erratic driver, but kept the damage as minimal as I could till the 18th hole, when I took a horrible 7 - triple.  My only bad number of the day, posting an 85.

Course highlights?  Number 3 is as tough a par 3 tee shot as you will have all summer.  175 yards, to an elevated green protected by sand, with NO room right at all because of the lake that runs the entire length of the hole and the cart path!  A par there is great.   All 4 par 5's are designed for you to score on and get you back in the round, although number 10 is a tough tee shot.  Also, number 9 is a tough driving par 4, 375 yards with water at the landing area.  Number 11, same thing, except it plays uphill and into the west, that means wind in the face.  Number 15, is a great par 3, that plays downhill, 170 yards, and don't be long. (Tex birdie today, great score there).  And number 18, brutal number 1 handicap, 425 yards, playing west, which means wind in your face again, and two fantastic shots are required - period.  (And Beef did that today smashing a unreal 220 yard fairway wood on the green off a hill around a tree.)

Think we play early?   Well, we are the Dewsweepers!

A great day would be to drive there and play both sides. The North is great as well, and plays as tough as The South, although it plays differently.  Great service, and really good deals too, as they run fantastic during the week specials.  This is worth the drive, The South is a great place to play.


Joe Red  -  83
Wynn  -  85
Beef  -  86
Tex  - 90

Next week we play a nice old course, that has been revitalized and is on the rise, Hickory Nut in Columbia Station, Lorain county.

Check out other courses we have recently played and reviewed - and more to come!



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