MOVIE REVIEW - Deliver Us From Evil

on 05 July 2014.

It's summer, so that means there must be a few scary movies or two due out, and this week it's Deliver Us From Evil Starring Eric Bana.

This is based on "true accounts" of a hard working New York City cop, Sergeant Sarchi (Bana) who works the worst possible shift, and sees the worst things cops can see.  He and his partner work overnights, and find themselves in the middle of some horrible cases that all seem to be woven together by a set of suspects that all seem to have a "supernatural" or possibly demonic element to them.

Sarchi becomes somewhat obsessed with these cases, and now finds himself being far more involved within them then you can imagine. In fact, the terror comes to his own mind, and his young family at their modest New York house.   He enlists the help of a local, young priest reluctantly and seeks counsel on how to possibly solve the case, and hopefully rid himself of the portion of the "spell" that is affecting him.   That is a simplistic version of our story, but that's the basic idea.

Should be noted up front, this movie deals almost exclusively with demonic possession. So if you are uncomfortable, or uneasy with that subject matter playing itself out on screen, go to the next theater.  There is a ton of it. Also, this movie shows a few very disturbing scenes that could make some very uncomfortable, and a few border on the distasteful for any movie.  But, since this is based on "true events," they are in.   This movie is being billed as very scary, and being honest, there are a few jolts or two, but it's more disturbing in some areas than actually scary.

It's funny how so many of these "actual events" stories that show things so big, and so newsworthy,  never seem to make the news, either local or national. You can judge for yourself if this may be true or not.   This is way out there in many facets, so your faith in truth may be tested to a degree.

The main problem here is this.  This is nothing new at all.  You and I have seen this movie in some shape or form about 1,000 times, with different titles, and casts.  There is nothing groundbreaking, or new here.  It's dark, with loud noises and bangs, and scary music.  There's some blood, and some things falling at you from time to time.  In other words, ho-hum, right?  Take out the "disturbing" element, and you got nothin'.  In fact, overall, you still got nothin'.

Deliver Us From Evil.   Not very good.

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