on 20 July 2014.

Regardless of the box office take, here comes THE comedy of the summer Sex Tape with Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal.

This is highly adult, racy, raunchy at times, and very topical. And although there are some bad decisions here and there, this is really pretty funny.  This is the best comedy that either one of these actors have made in a very long time.  I laughed out loud many times.

It's the story of a nice married couple Jay (Segal) and Annie (Diaz).  They are married, and are still in love with two young kids.  They have seemed to lost the keys to each other and their sex life is suffering badly.  So, they decide to make a sex tape of themselves at home with an I-pad to spice things up.  After the 3-hour taped sex session, Annie asks Jay to erase the tape.  But he does not, and it is automatically sent to the cloud, and now it's out there for other like devices to see it way beyond just themselves. 

So they spend a day to try to collect all like devices from their friends and family and try to keep this off the Internet.  Will they succeed? Who knows? That in a nutshell is Sex Tape.

(Trailer content can be found on YouTube)

I have seen the national critics have panned this piece, and I frankly don't know why.  OK, this is not the best comedy ever made, but the theater laughed out loud repeatedly, including me.  It has a basically smutty premise, and that's fine.  But for the most part, they do not allow this to fall completely into the gutter and that is to be commended.  Yes, it talks incessantly about sex, taping sex, and the married life realities of sex, but that's what this movie is about.  It's in the title. It also has some tolerable raunchy language, some recreational drug use that was actually pretty funny. Then it blends in our world of technology that is inescapable.  But the whole time, regardless of the current comedic line on screen, they for the most part keep this from being a gross-fest.

Both of our stars are pretty darn funny in this movie and are well cast together.  They have a nice chemistry on screen, and both are good.   The best thing in the writing of this, is that BOTH of our mains are fallible, and that makes this really funny.  It is not simply that Jay is a knucklehead and Annie is just trying to hold it together.  There are a few cameo's too that make this funny too.

Sex Tape. No, it's not perfect, but it's racy, and adult fun.  I laughed.

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