Daily Scoop for May 19th

on 19 May 2014.

Friday is the kick off to Memorial Day Weekend


Friday is the kickoff to Memorial Day Weekend!  It is also National Polka Day,  National Wig Out Day, National Taffy Day Birthdays – Drew Carrey is 56

Today’s Fun Fact:  Brad Pitt recently played the tambourine for Bruno Mars at a concert in New Orleans. X-Men (Days of Future Past) Blended

More people driving this year than the past few Memorial Days.

Depressing or AWESOME?  At the current pace, women will end up spending about 1 month of their lives taking Selfies!

The East Coast and Gulf Coast might get a little respite this summer and fall -- the National Weather Service is expecting a relatively quiet Atlantic hurricane season.

Carrie Underwood caught a little heat for tweeting that Caleb Johnson had won American Idol before it aired on the West Coast.

Keith Urban says that the best advice he can give the new American Idol Caleb? “Know what you want to say, or others will decide that for you”

The Richest Actor in Hollywood is…..Jerry Seinfeld, and it’s not even close. He is worth approx., 850 million dollars. Perspective, roughly double what Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise are.

Footnote – booking Taylor Swift for a private party? 1 Million is as low as she goes

Cha-Ching! Top Five most expensive Cities to live in America!

5. Stamford, Connecticut

4. San Jose, California

3. San Francisco

2. Honolulu

1. New York City



Thursdayis…..National Museum Day – It's the 22nd anniversary of Johnny Carson’s final Tonight Show

National Vanilla Pudding Day

Tribe SWEEP of Detroit! Win 11-10 in 13 innings yesterday!

1950 - A tornado passing over a chicken coop in Linslade, England plucked all the feathers off the chickens, and they survive.

The CEO of Levi’s says you don’t have to wash your jeans more than once a year

This time around, it's eBay. The online auction site has posted a note on PayPal advising all users to change their passwords.

Old age now officially begins in Americans minds at 80….up from the last survey that said it was 68

Gas prices spiking right now. Here’s some news if you’re planning on traveling this Memorial Day Weekend … You’ll be surrounded by 36.1 million other people with the same idea.

If you want Adele to sing at your birthday party, it will cost you 750 grand. Carrie Underwood 500 grand.

A bill has been introduced in Congress that would stop politicians from flying first class on the taxpayers’ dime.

On May 22nd, 1967, we began turning on the television to watch a grown man take off his sweater and shoes and play with puppets. Mister Rogers' Neighborhood premiered on PBS.

Anton Purisima went to a Manhattan court and it suing for two undecillion dollars – that's two followed by 33 zeroes. That is every cent on earth, saying his human rights have been violated.

Luke Bryan is number on this week, with Play It Again. And FGL is number 2 with, This Is How We Roll which Luke is on too. First time that has ever happened.

Josh Turner is having his 4th child this fall.

Wednesday Scoop:It is American Red Cross Founder's Day

National Wait Staff  Day  Mr. T, 62

National Strawberries and Cream Day

A new American Idol will be crowned tonight

The Cavs got the first pick in the NBA draft again! Theyhad only a 1 percent chance...and they got it!

Disney's Frozen has some major staying power as kids still just can't seem to let it go. Disney is bringing it to the ice, of course.

Minneapolis has been given the 2018 Superbowl. In a building that has yet to be built.

It appears that the rock anthem Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin, could be a rip-off. They are being sued by another writers trust, saying that it is actually a song by a group that toured with Zeppelin 2 years before Jimmy Page “wrote” Stairway. They have a great case.

Move over, Ronald McDonald ... because you've been replaced by a creepy talking Happy Meal box named Happy!

Burger King has said goodbye to its infamous "Have it Your Way" motto and replaced it with ... "Be Your Way." Huh?

According to a new survey, more and more guys are grocery shopping – and the numbers are staggering. Nearly half of the men surveyed said they do at least half of their family’s grocery shopping.

Florida Georgia Line is about halfway done with their new album, out this October

Keith Urban sold 22,000 guitars in his Light the Fuse and Phoenix guitar collections during his appearance on HSN this weekend.

Tuesday May 20th ....Tell Us omething Good Tuesday

It's Be a Millionaire Day. National Quiche Lorraine Day

Happy Birthday to Cher--she is  68

The NBA Playoffs (time wise) are only about half over.

Out on DVD or Streaming Today: 3 Days to Kill, The Monuments Men, Pompeii, About Last Night

California Chromed followed up his Kentucky Derby win with a victory at the Preakness Stakes on Saturday. But his attempt to become the first horse since 1978 to win the Triple Crown is in jeopardy and it's all because of nasal strips.

Because of the huge influx of Bourbon Drinkers, they say their could be a shortage for years to come

Mick Jagger Is a great grandfather.....sheesh! And he's going to be a grandfather again any day.

Anton Purisima went to a Manhattan court and it suing for two undecillion dollars – that's two followed by 33 zeroes. That is every cent on earth, saying his human rights have been violated.

Scientists announced that they've dug up what they believe is the largest dinosaur that ever lived -- the Titanosaur.  It's believed it was 100 tons and stood seven stories high

New Webster Dictionary has included in the new bunch of words are hashtag, selfie and tweep (a person who uses Twitter), as well as crowdfunding, big data and gamification.

Former Cleveland Indian Julio Franco is playing baseball again in an Independent league in Texas. He is 55 years old, and is hoping to make a return to the major leagues.

Sandra Bullock recently spoke at a commencement in Louisiana and advices grads to eat something green every day and “don’t pick your nose in public”

There's a new skin cream being touted as "Spanx for your face" Called Neotensil and it's a skincare treatment designed to reduce puffy and saggy skin, especially around the eyes. The effect apparently lasts 16 hours.

Rascal Flatts have their 15th number-one hit with "Rewind" -- the first single from the just-released album of the same name.

Justin Moore will perform on The Voice finale tomorrow Wednesday) night

Lady Antebellum debuts their new single, "Bartender" on the finale of American Idol on Wednesday

Tonight the ACM salute to the troops--the show airs at 9 p.m. ET on CBS


Monday May 19th

Monday is - Accountant's Day or Accounting Day, Boys and Girls Club Day & National Devil’s Food Cake Day.

Today is a new music Monday! Listen every hour from 9 to 5 to win Brantley Gilberts new CD Just As I Am.

Anniversary – 1962 Marilyn Monroe sang a sexy version of 'Happy Birthday' to JFK

Godzilla was number one 93 million in America, 195 million worldwide.  In Japan, there is some outrage, saying that Godzilla is too heavy, and not trim enough. - True

PitBull opened the Billboard Music Awards with Jennifer Lopez.

Ever heard of couples who celebrate the anniversary of their first kiss? Yes, these couples are out there, and more couples are doing things like this regularly.

The old myth that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human mouth, is not true. In fact you don’t want to know what’s in a dog’s mouth.

Snellville Georgia wants Boy and Girl Scouts to have to get a permit to sell cookies door to door.

A woman in New Jersey has been ordered...by a judge..to quit ranting about her ex-husband..and her kids on Facebook.

Reasearch says 55 percent of men like it when  a woman aggressively pursues them. So, why are we always waiting for guys to approach us?

Barbra Wlalters has finally has said goodbye to The View.  It took a while. But she’s out, and retiring.

As of today, it costs 96 dollars to enter Disneyland for a 1 day, I park tickets (ages 10 and up) park hopper pass, 150!

It's true! Brad Paisley will be a judge on Rising Star, a new talent competition on ABC. He'll join Kesha and Ludacris as judges. Josh Grobin will host. June 22

Worst Cereals for your kids:

  • Kelloggs Honey Smacks
  • Post Golden Crisps
  • Kelloggs Fruit Loops Marshmallow

Today's Nearly Impossible Question:  A new survey from Prevention Magazine reveals that 32% of women would NEVER do THIS in front of a man.  What is it?

Answer: Exercise


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