Daily Scoop for Week of June 10, 2014

on 10 June 2014.

Thursday June 12th

Thursday is - Career Nurse Assistants Day, National Peanut Butter Cookie Day

BTW – 1981 Raiders of the Lost Ark opened

Birthdays – Chris Young, 29

CountryFest opens – TODAY: 4pm Cadillac Three, then Tyler Farr, Craig Morgan and Jake Owen. Our website has the details!

Time Flies – It’s been 20 years this week, since the OJ Simpson case began in Los Angeles.

Tribe – Is in Boston for 4 games this weekend, before coming home Monday.

The World Cup Begins today is Brazil! Largest sporting event on earth!

NHL Game 4 last night and…..(And the series goes on....next game Friday)

NBA Finals Game 4 tonight in Miami (Spurs lead 2-1)

The most watched TV drama series in the world is…NCIS! It’s been number-one in the U.S. for five years now 60 million worldwide!

Heard of a snelfie’ ? It's the thing now. It’s a selfie of a person sneezing. Snelfies can come in all styles. The trick is to hold your camera still while you sneeze.

Young guys in their 20s and 30s are huggers – and aren’t into stiff handshakes or impersonal waves. They’re very comfortable leaning in for some serious bro-hug action.

Poppy, the world's oldest living cat, has died. She was 24 years-old, or about 114 in human years. (Guinness Book)

A new German study says red wine improves memory. Red wine –like dark chocolate – contains resveratrol that comes with some pretty good health benefits, including improved memory.

A 34-year-old Texas woman has been released from jail after serving 29 days for pretending to be a 15-year-old high school student.

Miranda’s new CD, Platinum is number one this week.

LEE BRICE will release his new album, called I Don’t Dance, on September 9th.

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Wednesday June 11th

Wednesday begins:  National Dairy Month, National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month, and national Corn on the Cob Day

Jurassic Park opened 21 years ago today!

COUNTRY FEST:  Day 1 begins tomorrow

Tribe – In Kansas City tonight. Tribe plays every day till June 22! (Mondays game highest rated in many years 167,000 households) Lost last night 9-5

The Baseball Hall Of Fame called Indians player Lonnie Chisenhall and asked for his bat from his historic night for the museum. He sent it!

Question with No Real Answer- Are the NBA and NHL seasons ever going to really end?

NBA Finals Game 3 last night……Spurs win lead series 2-1

Get Ready Duck Dynasty returns to A&E tonight.

Ice Breaker For the first time in 7 months, the great lakes are finally ice free!

An extensive study on  was done and the perfect seat on an airplane is 7F! The second best is 6A

Top Five Nutritious Fruits and Veggies (Kale only #21)Watercress/Chinese cabbage/ Chard/ Beet green/Spinach

There is a new ridiculous fashion trend. Men’s suits with shorts, jacket, shirt, tie, shoes, socks shorts.

Maternity clothing retailer A Pea in the Pod has pulled a shirt from shelves that many people found "offensive." A plain gray T with the words "Wake me up when I'm skinny" scrolled across it.

In North Carolina a waitress was given a $1,000 tip on someone’s Credit card. Waffle House says that has to be in cash or check. They refunded the money to the customer. (She eventually got the money)

Lady A revealed that their next CD will be upbeat like their new single "Bartender."

Chris Young hopes to be back on the road this week following a surgery to repair tendons in his left hand. Chris

Quote of the Day- “Be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”


Today is Tell Us Something Good Tuesday and also, World Pet Memorial Day and Iced Tea Day

Happy Birthday to Lee Brice he is (35) and Happy Birthday to Subway. Subway opened 49 years ago today. (More Subways than any fast food joint) And speaking of fast food: Taco Bell is launching the new Quesarito this week. It's a beef burrito with rice, chipotle sauce and sour cream wrapped in a quesadilla.

In sports: Tribe – Texas last night, in Kansas City Tonight…WIN 17-7, (Lonnie Chisenhall 5 for 5 with 3 home runs and 9 RBI's) NBA Finals Game three tonight….In Miami Series tied 1-1.  Indian Nick Swisher will be playing for the Rubber Ducks this week, he is on a rehab stint from injury before rejoining the Tribe

Because of the LA Clippers 2 billion dollar offer, word is the LA Kings Hockey team may go up for sale. There’s just too much money to pass up. - NOW – Donald Sterling says he will once again fight NOT to sell the Clippers.

Dads can expect to have $113 spend on them for Father's Day gifts – which is $6 less than last year. We spend $12.5 billion on Father’s Day, it's 7.5 billion less than Mothers Day.

Florida is THE most stressed out state! With it’s combination of high unemployment (11.3%) and high rate of people without health insurance (25.8%). After Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, California and Nevada were the most stressed-out. Long commutes stress out Georgians, high population density is getting on New Jerseyans’ nerves, Californians pay too much for housing, and Nevadans have unemployment rates and low insurance rates.

Americans think they can swim just fine –but the truth is that 50% don't know basic water-safety skills.

Texting and driving is 6 times more dangerous than drunk driving!

Hallle Berry has been ordered to pay Gabriel Aubry $16,000 per month to support their daughter Nahla until she turns 19

104,000 Attended that Final George Strait Concert in Dallas Saturday night! A Record for an indoor concert!

Miranda Lambert has racked up her sixth number-one with "Automatic"

Sara Evans staged a light-hearted protest what she sees as a lack of female country artists being played on the radio. She wore a ball cap that said, "Bra Country." (instead of bro country J

Quote of the Day: You never know when a moment and a few sincere words can have an impact on a life~ Zig Ziglar

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