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Monday, 26 June 2017 06:13

Daily Scoop, Week of 6/26/17

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Today is Wednesday, June 28th- It IS - Body Piercing Day, Cooking Day, Tapioca Day

Facebook is now a community of 2 billion people!

Britney Spears says she does not lip sync at her shows and she is really tired of hearing about it.

Taylor Swift made a random video shouting out to Russell Westbrook NBA MVP...but she's never met him.

Fuller House Season 3 Part 1 will premiere on Netflix on September 22nd- which happens to be the 30th anniversary of when Full House premiered on ABC!

Tom Brady was voted the NFL's Top Player. 

The NFL fumbled this. The Washington Redskins official NFL license plate has the STATE of Washington as the background

Minnesota has the fattest dogs and the fattest cats in the country

Virginia is considered the most patriotic state.

New survey,75% of people said they think it’s totally annoying when vacationers share their pics on social media. “Your legs on the beach” pic was the most irritating image for them.

Many now say that emojis and GIFs communicate their feelings better than the spoken word

Using your cell phone too much can lead to carpal tunnel!

Millionaires on average had a GPA in school of about 2.9


Today is Tuesday, June 27th- It IS – Sunglasses Day, Decide To Be Married Day, Orange Blossom Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

Happy Birthday- Khloe Kardashian is 33

American League Champs Tribe – (40-35) – (Won 15-9) Rangers in town tonight

Margaritaville - in the Flats - will open July 11th and a soft opening on July 3rd.

In case you were wondering, Brad Pitt is NOT dating Ell McPherson, OR Sienna Miller.

Rumor is Katy Perry is dating Chris Martin!

TLC has begun casting for new episodes of Trading Spaces...so, grab you neighbors!

A mastiff named Martha was named the World's Ugliest Dog- she was described as big, ugly, lazy, and gassy.

Fireworks sales will be at an all time high this year! Most sold Firework? Sparklers!

Oscar Meyer  has added a hot dog delivery drone to it's famous weinermobile!

New study shows that 90% of you take phones into the bathroom.

They say to reduce stress, you should ride your bike to work daily.

When you turn 40 until your death - you end up spending more and more time alone…


Today is Monday, June 26th- It IS - Forgiveness Day, Chocolate Pudding Day

American League Champs Tribe – (39-35) – (Swept by the Twins) Rangers in town tonight.

Transformers is number one this week, 45 million FAR less than thought (Cars 3 and Wonder Woman tied for second)

Lady Gaga was photographed taking a hike over the weekend in high heels...

We are only 6 months away from Christmas, and Oreo is now making candy canes.

It is now official- hot weather makes people moody and agitated.

It's The Newest Syndrome- Sudden Repulsion Syndrome (SRS)- You wake up one day and you are repulsed by your partner.

Experts say you should never use the word BUT during an apology.

31% of young men are "extremely likely" to consider plastic surgery.

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