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Wednesday, 05 July 2017 06:14

Daily Scoop, Week of 7/5/17

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Today is Friday, July 7th- It IS - Global Forgiveness Day, Strawberry Sundae Day, Father-Daughter Take A Walk Together Day, Chocolate Day

Happy Birthday- Spam is 80 today!

American League Champs Tribe – (45-39) – (Beat San Diego 11-2) Detroit this weekend, then the All-Star Break!

The Dusty Armadillo is celebrating their 15th anniversary this weekend!

Elton John called Maren Morris to let her know he is a huge fan!

Looking for a new job? Oscar Meyer is looking for hotdoggers to drive the Weinermobile.

Vegas is taking bets on who will win the throne in Game of Thrones. Cersei is most likely to win with 10/13 odds. 

Target is saying goodbye to Mossimo, Merona and Cherokee fashion lines.

Trending! - A woman who casually took a selfie while her sister is giving birth in the background…

New study says that women are more forgiving when it comes to cheating than men.

The X Suit - It’s a formal suit with a hoodie.

Nearly half of Americans say their expenses are equal to or greater than their income.

If you're child has allergies new study shows it may be that mom ate too many sugary calories during pregnancy.

If your sunscreen is more than a year old, you should toss it.


Today is Wednesday, July 5th, It IS - Bikini Day,Work Without Your Hands Day, Apple Turnover Day

July is National Hot Dog Month and Ice Cream Month!!

The Melt Restaurant is coming to Belden Village Mall this November.

Joey Chestnut won the hot dog eating contest again - 10th time - 72 dogs in 10 minutes!

Beyoncé and JAY-Z's twins names are...Rumi and Sir... and they trademarked the names.

Maria Menounos is leaving E! News after 3 years to focus on her health and recover after she had a brain tumor removed. (the tumor was benign)

The Top Gun sequel will hit theaters July 12th, 2019.

Research now says coffee is as hydrating at water.

Coming soon: limited edition Dunkin Donuts Mocha Oreos!

Millenials eat out more often and spend a bigger portion of their income on eating out. MOST EVER.

Your brainpower is significantly reduced when your smartphone is in reach – even if it’s off.

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