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Monday, 31 July 2017 06:21

Daily Scoop, Week of 7/31/17

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Today is Friday, August 4th- It IS - Brantley Day, Coast Guard Day, International Beer Day, Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Willie Nelson was the subject of yet another death hoax on social media this week.

Carrie Underwood's husband Mike Fisher has officially retired from the NHL after 17 seasons.

This is Us returns September 26th. (And Sylvester Stallone will guest star)

NBC ordered four more episodes of Will & Grace for this season AND ordered a 2nd Season. It premieres on September 28th.

Terry Francona and his dad launched their own pasta sauce- Tito Francona & Son to benefit Cleveland Indians charities.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Oreos are coming soon!

The Japanese have created what could possibly change life as we know it — ice-cream that doesn’t melt.

America is the “tippiest” country in the world. We tip more people more money in more services

Women overall use their phones for talking and texting. Men for internet related stuff.

On average, we spend 6 minutes looking for our keys in the morning.


Today is Thursday, August 3rd- It IS - Friendship Day, Watermelon Day, Big night at the Medina County Fair with Brothers Osborne and Gary Allan!

Tonight is the Hall of Fame Game between the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals at the brand new Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton. (NFL Season begins)

Miami Vice could be returning to TV. Vin Diesel’s production company putting it together.

Sources close to Miranda Lambert and Anderson East say they could go the distance and get engaged soon.

NASA is hiring someone to protect Earth from aliens, a Planetary Protections Officer. 

New study shows if you want to make sure your wife is in the best mood possible, call her three times a day, during the day.

A new poll finds that 80 percent of us would endure the heat and be happy with an endless summer.

Nevada has the most dangerous weather of any state. HEAT!

Blowing out your birthday candles increases bacteria on your cake by 1400%

Word is the healthiest time for your kids to go to bed is between 6 and 9pm.

It's true, women need around 20 minutes more sleep each night than men do to feel rejuvenated.


Today is Wednesday, August 2nd- It IS - Ice Cream Sandwich Day, Coloring Book Day, Take A Penny/Leave A Penny Day, Dinosaur Day

Starbucks closing all 379 Teavana stores. (750 Million down the drain)

Coming soon to some Starbucks- coffee with beef jerky in it! The Pepper Nitro.

Beyonce wants to buy into the Houston Rockets NBA team. She's a Houston native.

CBS will KILL off Kevin James’ wife’s character formerly played by Erinn Hayes on Kevin Can’t Wait to make room for the return of Leah Remini.

Queen Elizabeth partakes in 4 cocktails...everyday! 

43% percent of women in big cities believe they are attractive. 28% in rural areas.

Sponges - Have way more germs than the toilet.

A new study found that the number one regret most people have is a lost love.

Flight Attendants say the Diet Coke takes the longest to pour on a flight and don't like it when you order it

According to a new survey by people who have too much time on their hands, Booty is the funniest word in the English language!


Today is Tuesday, August 1st, It IS - Girlfriend's Day, National Night Out, US Air Force Day, Sandwich Month, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

Los Angeles will host the 2028 Olympics - Paris the 2024

HBO HACKED! CEO calls the hack 'disruptive, unsettling, and disturbing.' (The cyber thieves reportedly got written material and possibly upcoming episodes of Game of Thrones, among other shows)

Jerry Seinfeld is the world's highest paid comedian making $69 million in the last year!

After admitting that she hated him to death, Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp are back together...

Americans hate Mondays....and Tuesdays are not far behind. Friday is our favorite.

Yes they now exist: Pee Wee Pumps- high heels for infants.

On average, we lose half of our short term memory by the age of 50!

According to new study, having kids helps you live longer.

In a new poll, 46% would prefer to have a broken bone than a broken phone.


Today is Monday, July 31st- It IS - National Mutt Day, Cotton Candy Day, National Avocado Day

Hall Of Fame Induction and The Bridgestone is in town this week!

Apple has officially killed off the device as well as the iPod Shuffle.

The Weather Channel is saying the warm temps are here to stay through the fall.

Phelps vs the Shark- the highest rated show Discovery has ever had – about 5 million watched

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are teaming up to star in a new TV series!

New study says the perfect kiss last 26 seconds!

In America a couple is together an average of 4.9 years before deciding to get married!

Cookie Butter Oreos - are now a thing!

Average work week for a mom had been figured at 98 hours.

California has a marijuana glut. People there are not smoking enough weed. Supplies are stockpiling.

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