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Monday, 02 October 2017 06:16

Daily Scoop, Week of 10/2/17

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Today is Friday, October 6th- It IS - National Denim Day, World Smile Day, National Noodle Day, Garlic Lovers Day

American League Champs Tribe – (Beat the Yankees 4-0) Today 508pm Game 2

So, Ryan Seacrest was to appear on Good Morning America with rest of the American Idol crew, until Kelly Ripa made him back out…

We will have to wait to see Fast and the Furious 9 until April 2020. 

Garth Brooks is getting ready to sell his 6 millionth concert ticket during THIS tour!

Netflix is raising its prices. The cost of its most popular plan will be up $1 to $10.99 a month. (“family plan” $11.99 to $13.99)

A company in Baltimore has created a vodka infused ice cream that really packs a punch.

Pumpkin Spice Jell-O Pudding is finally back on store shelves.

PSA: if your home smells like rotting cherries, you have a stink bug problem.

30% of us do NOT have time for coffee at work because we are too busy.

Amazon is getting ready to launch it's own delivery service.


Today is Thursday, October 5th- It IS - World Teachers Day, Do Something Nice Day

American League Champs Tribe – ALDS Game 1- Yankees - Tribe / Today 738PM

Mavericks owner, and billionaire Mark Cuban may run for president.

Joey Fatone says *NSYNC could team up with Justin Timberlake at the Super Bowl halftime show.

Pauley Perrette, who plays Abby, is leaving NCIS after 15 seasons!

Facebook is the big tech company that people trust the least!

Pumpkin Spice Bologna is now available and Pumpkin Spice Make-up is now a thing- the colors not the flavor...

You can now buy Butterfinger, candy coated popcorn!

Snickers has released a line of protein bars.

If you DON'T shower every day, your skin won't age as fast.

Just one hour of exercise each week can prevent depression in many people.

At Applebees – Margaritas - Dollaritas," as they’re calling them – get them for only $1 each. That’s right... all day, every day until the end of the month.


Today is Wednesday, October 4th- It IS -  10- 4 Good Buddy! National Kale Day, Walk To School Day, Vodka Day, National Golf Day, National Taco Day

American League Champs Tribe – (102-60) (Tomorrow - Yankees ALDS Game 1)

The Farmer's Almanac is calling for a stormy late October...

Tyra Banks dumped her boyfriend and her baby daddy....out!

Jared Leto will play Hugh Hefner in an upcoming biopic.

Taylor Swift LWYMMD- 510,900,000 views and counting, to be precise.

New study has found that empathy – or caring deeply for others – strangers – can be bad for your health. Increased levels of stress, which takes a toll on the body.

When you skip your morning coffee, for whatever reason, your body instantly goes into physical withdrawals.

You need about 2.5 hours of good exercise per week to live a healthy, normal life.

The average tooth from the tooth fairy is going for $4.66 these days!


Today is Tuesday, October 3rd- It IS - Techies Day, National Boyfriend Day, Soft Taco Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

Happy Birthday – Gwen Stefani is 48 / Scott's Mom is 90

October is Pizza Month / Pork Month /Cookie Month

Tom Petty died last night at the age of 66.

Sandy Alomar will throw Thursday's first pitch, exactly 20 years after his historic '97 ALDS home run.

GoFundMe page for victims of the Las Vegas shooting has raised almost 3 million as of now.

For Halloween you can now send glow-in-the-dark roses.

Pennywise – the Clown from IT. Costumes online are $120.

Trending: Boozy Donut Holes...donut holes injected with your favorite shot!

There is a new movement to get parents to not let their kids get smart phones till at least the 8th grade.


Today is Monday, October 2nd- It IS - National Walk Your Dog Day, Guardian Angels Day, Name Your Car Day, Pumpkin Spice Day

Happy Birthday – Kelly Ripa 46

Tribe finished the regular season with 102 wins!

After yesterday's loss, the Browns Perfect Losing Season Parade Facebook event is back!

IT - back on top at the movies 17.5 million!

The new American Idol is all set, Lionel Richie will join Luke Bryan and Katy Perry as the third judge.

Sarah Jessica Parker says there will be not be a third Sex and the City movie....

In the wee hours of Sunday morning OJ Simpson was let out of jail. He could be making about 25K a month in pensions.

You eat about 1-2 pounds of bugs without even knowing it!

The BEST combo for a successful marriage is a tall husband and short wife!

About 40% of us, admit to removing clothing in public while drunk.

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