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Tuesday, 09 January 2018 06:16

Daily Scoop, Week of 1/8/18

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Today is Friday, January 12th- It IS - Hot Tea Day, Eagle Day, Sticker Day, Glazed Donut Day

Rumor has it Jennifer Garner is dating Josh Duhamel.

A Game of Thrones themed hotel opened in Finland. It is made entirely out of snow and ice…

Wedding dresses are out for 2018, the new trend is wedding rompers!

BMW drivers have been voted the rudest on the road.


Resolutions take about 66 days to make yours permanent. So that get’s you to March 6th!

They say- workout just 30 minutes a day, and you will feel better about yourself!

New scientific study says “Men like curvy women, as apposed to supermodel thin women.”

Study shows men are twice as likely as women to snoop on a partner's phone.

Americans have over $1 trillion in credit card debt.


Today is Thursday, January 11th- It IS - Milk Day, Your Name in Morse Code Day, Hot Toddy Day

Truth and Lies: The Tonya Harding Story airs tonight at 9pm on ABC.

A new episode of This is Us will air after the Super Bowl.

Wendy Williams is suggesting Carrie Underwood had a face lift and did not have a fall on her face. 

The Rest of Our Lives song by Tim And Faith? A Songwriter from Australia is suing saying its a rip off from a song he wrote in 2014.

Gillian Anderson is leaving the X-Files. Says she's tired of it.

Most of us take 2-5 selfies before selecting one and posting one.


Today is Wednesday, January 10th- It IS - Cut Your Energy Costs Day, Oysters Rockefeller Day, Houseplant Appreciation Day, Bittersweet Chocolate Day

Meghan Markle has deleted ALL of her social media accounts!

The new American Idol, will NOT air bad or embarrassing auditions! The days of William Hung are over!

Betty White says the secrets to living a long life- vodka and hot dogs! She will be 96 one week from today! 

Skittles released a new mix for Valentine’s Day with 5 flavors- strawberry, cherry, watermelon, yumberry and white grape. (It's called The Love Mix)

The average American goes out for lunch and dinner 5 times a week.

According to a new WORLDWIDE study, women prefer rich guys to poor guys.

Meat eating is at an all time high in America. Each person eating about 222 pounds a year!


Today is Tuesday, January 9th- It IS - Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, Static Electricity Day, Apricot Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

Alabama, National Champs in overtime…

Pink will sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl!

This is Us returns returns tonight!

On the Today Show, Savannah and Hoda combined are making 11 million less than Matt Lauer was making. This will change.

 Match.com says the best thing you can to on a first date when you are not “feeling it” is to be honest and say, “I'm not interested.”

There is some new 2018 trend of eating McDonald's fries and dark chocolate will help them get pregnant.

The most popular time of the day to be born in 2017 was 8:07 am.

According to a new study, being immature is good for your health!

You can now buy an 8-foot gummy snake that weighs 27 pounds on Amazon for $150...

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