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Thursday is.....World Red CrossDay It is also  No Socks DayHappy Birthday to Melissa Gilbert 50 (Laura Ingalls) and it is the Anniversary of  the first James Bond movie, Doctor No, was released. It is also National Coconut Cream Pie Day

The NFL draft is finally going to happen. It’s tonight at Radio City Music Hall on ESPN. (Is this pathetic?)

A new survey – which should surprise nobody – found that most college grads don’t like the real world.

Richmond Virginia--is the worst city in America for breathing problems, like asthma. Richmond is the international headquarters for Phillip Morris! No Ohio city in top 10.

on Monday, 28 April 2014 12:19.

Thursday Scoop

Today is May Day! The National Day of Prayer, National Day of Reason and National Chocolate parfait day.  Tm McGraw is 47 today

The Charities of the LA Clippers are in a tough position. Keep his money, or send it back. Decision expected soon.

The Federal government wants to give states the right make current free interstate highways toll roads. So they can generate more money.

Judge Judy She's going primetime with a special on CBS on May 20th.

Glow in the dark lingerie? Cosabella, has come out with lacy lingerie that lights up in the dark (provided you hold it under a lamp for 10 minutes before turning the lights off). $150

There are new jeans being made for men with muscular legs. They have more room in the thighs and a smaller waist. Called “Anti-Thigh Gap” jeans

Woman in PA Judge is taking her $280,000 house because of an unpaid 6 dollar tax bill she didn’t know about. The house sold at auction for $116,000! She will get most of it. But he said the “law is the law…”

Keith Urbanhas a new collection of guitars coming to the Home Shopping Network. He'll appear on the shopping channel on May 18th


Wednesday Scoop!

It’s National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day It’s and International Guide Dog Day. It’s also National Bugs Bunny Day. Bugs Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies produced by Warner Bros.  He is known  for his popular catch phrase ” What’s up, doc?”. Bugs Bunny appeared in more films than any other cartoon character

Food Stuffs – National Oatmeal Cookie Day / National Raisin Day

Birthdays – Willie Nelson is 81 today…and still alive/ Johnny Galecki, Big Bang Theory actor (39)

NBA comes down hard on Daniel Sterling. Kicked out of the league with a lifetime ban! And they are pressuring him to sell the team. Could be a battle, as his estranged wife owns half the team.

An annual kindergarten show at a Long Island, New York, elementary school was canceled because the school believes the kids need to concentrate less on song and dance - and more on preparing for college.

A Canadian man tried to get a ban on the Dr. Seuss book Hop on Pop ... because it promotes violence. – They said no.

According to a new study, mice fear men – but not women.

If you think you're underpaid at your job, you're probably right. New data says about 40% of workers report that they’re not being paid what their worth

A new UK survey found that 70% wouldn't date someone with musical tastes that are different from theirs. You're wonderful, but I'm sorry I looked through your iPod and I don't like any of your music!"

Pepsi always wins blind taste-tests – When tested, even the Coke diehards usually choose Pepsi.

Lee Marshall voiced Tony the Tiger for nearly 20 years, died of cancer Saturday, he was 67. He took over for Thurl Ravenscroft in 1995 … who also died.

Blake Shelton thought it was a joke, but it was not. He DID tweet out Adam Levine's person cell phone number to 6 million twitter followers

Tell us something good Tuesday!

And also International Dance Day , Zipper Day &National Shrimp Scampi Day

Birthdays – Jerry Seinfeld 60/Eve Plumb 56 (Jan Brady)

If you suffer from terrible allergies, experts say take a shower before you go to bed to wash off all the stuff.

Microsoft is working to fix a serious security flaw that could allow hackers access to users' computers and personal information. Seems the problem is widespread since the glitch appears on versions six through 11 of Internet Explorer.

The NBA will speak on the Daniel Sterling controversy today, many think suspension is the least, and others may push for him to eventually relinquish Clippers ownership. (2pm.) Sponsors are dumping the LA Clippers from their budgets. 5 major ones yesterday alone!

So much for all the data that shows that married people are happier than single's. A study that tracked married couples over an 11-year period noticed how the men and women grew more depressed and all-around negative the longer they'd been married.

First born kids are the most successful, new study shows!

According to a new British survey, 95% of cell phone owners sleep next to their phones. - Turned on...

Scientists have proven that Oreo's are more addictive to humans than most drugs.

FOX is looking to recreate the success of NBC's Sound of Music Live with a live musical. They will air a live three-hour broadcast of Grease next year.

A non-profit group plans to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars by blasting crews of four into space every two years, starting in 2024. If you’re interested, they are currently accepting applications. It’s important to note that the Mars One project is a one-way ticket.

Quote of the Day- Don’t look for someone who will solve all your problems; look for someone who will face them with you.

Brantley Gilbert racks up his third number-one hit with "Bottoms Up."

Jo Dee Messina will sing the National Anthem at Saturday's 140th running of the Kentucky Derby.

Josh Turner publishes his first book, Man Stuff: Thoughts on Faith, Family and Fatherhood, today

Today is Monday April 28...and it's National Pet Parent's Day- It's Kiss Your Mate Day. Food Stuffs – National Blueberry Pie Day. & Penelope Cruz is 40/Jay Leno 64

Christopher Kaelin of Chicago has had a great month winning the lottery three times totaling $276,000

Box Office Biggies: 1. The Other Woman - $24.7 million 2. Captain America: - $16 million 3. Heaven Is for Real - $13.8 million

George Clooney is engaged! - To Amal Alamudden

It’s Monday, and if you’re tired, you’re not alone. New survey says about 3 out of 4 workers feel tired many days of the week –and 15 percent even fall asleep during the day at least once per week.

If you want to drink without getting drunk, all you have to do to is take one teaspoon of dry yeast per drink before you start chugging. It has enzymes that breaks down alcohol before it gets to your brain.

Number one thing! The number one expense that new parents didn’t see coming is? The cost of convenience

First time in years More of us are planning bigger vacations this year than in the past few years.

The Superbowl champs Seattle have a problem. The NFL didn’t want to put Seahawks home games in primetime TV this upcoming season because they have too many blowouts in Seattle. Too Good

John Williams III from Las Vegas is suing the NFL and the Seattle Seahawks for $50-million in damages. Seems he could not buy a ticket to last season's NFC Championship game because of a residency restriction on tickets. Seahawks only allowed residents of Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Alaska, and Hawaii buy tickets.

When Eric Church learned that 900 tickets to his sold-out show in Minneapolis were bought by scalpers, he cancelled those tickets and put them back into the system for sale to his fans.

Zac Brown Band sold out two shows at Boston's Fenway Park -- and now they will play Chicago's Wrigley Field on September 13th. Tickets go on sale June 7th.

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