on Monday, 19 May 2014 12:15.

Friday is the kick off to Memorial Day Weekend


Friday is the kickoff to Memorial Day Weekend!  It is also National Polka Day,  National Wig Out Day, National Taffy Day Birthdays – Drew Carrey is 56

Today’s Fun Fact:  Brad Pitt recently played the tambourine for Bruno Mars at a concert in New Orleans. X-Men (Days of Future Past) Blended

More people driving this year than the past few Memorial Days.

Depressing or AWESOME?  At the current pace, women will end up spending about 1 month of their lives taking Selfies!

The East Coast and Gulf Coast might get a little respite this summer and fall -- the National Weather Service is expecting a relatively quiet Atlantic hurricane season.

Carrie Underwood caught a little heat for tweeting that Caleb Johnson had won American Idol before it aired on the West Coast.

on Monday, 12 May 2014 10:15.

Friday May 16th

Friday is - National Bike to Work Day

BTW – NASCAR Day Birthdays  National Barbecue Day

1983 - The King of Pop performs his moonwalk for the first time.

2 hour View today, Barbara Walters retires, 9-11 AM, her final show!

The newest Godzilla movie is now in theaters. And if you were worried about what would happen is a giant fire-breathing lizard actually attacked our cities, the U.S. Air Force claims it has your back. They could take down Godzilla if he attacked Japan.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye are getting married this or next week. Can you believe they are REGISTERED for gifts? Me either...

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