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Wednesday June 25

Wednesday is - National Catfish Day,  National Strawberry Parfait Day and the birthday of the color TV! It is also  Global Beatles Day

3.2 billion people around the world watched the last World Cup final in 2010, (nearly half the planet’s population.)

The NBA Draft is tomorrow, and the Cavs have the first pick – (again! - Word is they may make a trade with Orlando) Lebron has opted out of his contract with the Miami Heat and is now free to sign with any team. Lebron to Cleveland was a top trend nationally on Twitter yesterday

He was involved in another car accident speeding away from the press. He hopped in another car and sped away...left the scene

A new survey found that Americans slept more and worked less last year. The survey also found that Americans' number one hobby is still watching television. And on a related note a study from Harvard said the more sleep you get, the more honest you are.

New study, 40 percent of 22-32 year olds surveyed, say they “regret” going to college. Student loans are too much.

Peeping Toms are going high tech. It’s not enough to peek through someone’s window anymore, now small drones are begin used with camera connected to a computer

Four players on the German team finished in the Top 5 of a recent “Hot or Not” poll of the most attractive World Cup players. They are Julian Draxler, Mario Gotze, Lukas Podolski and Lars Bender.

The San Francisco Giants have added something new to the outfield at their stadium – veggies. Just beyond the center field wall, The Garden will produce fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Let’s offer up three cheers for our friends in Canada because they’ve perfected a - (deep fried doughnut bacon cheeseburger.)

Producers of the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey Movie are promising that it won’t be raunchy. It will be artistic...

Bob Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone’s Lyrics sell for 2 million. They were written in pencil on 4 sheets pencil

Willie Nelson’s has important political message for stoners: get out and vote. He also added “Don’t get high and forget to vote”.

SYLVESTER STALLONE will write and star in Rambo V. Stallone will reprise his role as troubled war veteran John Rambo, this time going up against a Mexican cartel.

Another member of the Good Morning America family has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The former co-host Joan Lunden, who spent 17 years on the show announced it yesterday.

Tuesday Jine 24th

Today is Tell Us Something Good Tuesday--also  National Columnists Day  and  National Pralines Day. Also  Happy birthday to the NFL born in 1922

Tribe – Late night game tonight and tomorrow in Arizona Eating an apple gets rid of garlic breath

We just had the warmest May on record for Earth. 

It looks like the Luke Bryan concert in Pittsburgh has left the stadium and surrounding area a disaster area. And the mayor wants the promoter to clean it up! (Record attendance for a concert at Heinz Field)

Sunday's game between the U.S and Portugal was the biggest U.S. TV audience ever for a soccer game, 25 million viewers.

The Sunday World Cup USA/Portugal Game was also the biggest social media event ever!

It has been found tanning is as addictive as heroin. Your skin goes through the chemical reaction when you tan and chemicals are made similar as heroin or morphine reaction.

According to a new study, driverless cars – like the ones Google has – could reduce city traffic up to 80 percent.

Hugely popular Flappy Bird App has been pulled, because it contains a ton of Malware.

Online charitable donations saw a big increase in 2013 and a new survey finds that Seattle is the most charitable city.

Conan O'Brien's parents almost wound up homeless, but he swooped in and saved the day. Conan paid $8,000 in back taxes on his family's Rhode Island home Monday

But being in love can actually make you healthier by decreasing your blood pressure and your heart rate. Boosts serotonin levels, making you feel all-around happier.

Tiger Woods says he'll return to play next week at his own Quicken Loans National. And Is expected to play in the British Open.

Lifetime will air The Unauthorized SAVED BY THE BELL TV movie September, 1st. All the behind-the-scenes dirt on the show based on interviews with key players. (However, none of the original cast members will appear.)

According to a new study, babies who are exposed to pet hair, household germs, and dirt are less likely to develop allergies, asthma, or other breathing problems as they get older.

Monday June 23

Summer arrived over the weekend--Saturday!

Today is National Onion Ring Day

A new company called Coffee Blocks is hoping you'll reach past the half-and-half and instead give butter, coconut oil and egg yolks a try in your morning brew. It's a drink that contains grass-fed butter, organic coconut oil, organic fair trade coffee, organic vanilla and free-range egg yolks. A way to get Healthy fat---into your diet

Congrats to Katie Couric who got married this weekend.

On this day in 1970 the  voting age to 18 (approved) It is also the anniversary of  Cedar Point honored the Blue Streak’s 50th Anniversary as well the anniversaries of Cedar Creek Mine Ride (45th), Magnum XL-200 (25th) over the weekend!

Box Office Biggies Think Like a Man Too…30 million

Luke Bryan Concert in Pittsburgh, had 50,000 fans and broke records

Chelsea Clinton is being paid $600,000 a year, by NBC, but she has only done two reports this year.

There’s a new dating reality show premiering this summer in which couples will go on dates while completely naked.

Lebron and his  wife are expecting their third child. It'll be their first girl.

Scientists are developing a way for cavities to heal themselves. No more drilling and filling. Instead, a tiny electric current pushes minerals into the damaged part of the tooth, as if the cavity was filling itself.

New book about The Tonight Show with Jay Leno says Jessica Simpson refused to come on the show unless they paid $18,000 she required to have her hair and makeup done.

Swiss scientists are sounding the alarm because they say charcoal grills are killing the planet. They put out about twice as much carbon dioxide as a gas grill.

New Study says the average tip left in USA eating places is 18 percent. Up about 1 percent from last year!

Brad Paisley’s new album is out August 26th.

Brett Eldredge celebrates his second consecutive number-one hit with "Beat of the Music."

Quoteof the day: Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.~Arthur Ashe


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Thursday June 12th

Thursday is - Career Nurse Assistants Day, National Peanut Butter Cookie Day

BTW – 1981 Raiders of the Lost Ark opened

Birthdays – Chris Young, 29

CountryFest opens – TODAY: 4pm Cadillac Three, then Tyler Farr, Craig Morgan and Jake Owen. Our website has the details!

Time Flies – It’s been 20 years this week, since the OJ Simpson case began in Los Angeles.

Tribe – Is in Boston for 4 games this weekend, before coming home Monday.

The World Cup Begins today is Brazil! Largest sporting event on earth!

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