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Monday, 27 March 2017 07:50

Website of the Day, Week of 3/27/17

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Friday, 3/31

Shakespearean Insult Generator

Find just the right words for that not-so-special person in your life.

Thursday, 3/30


Full of fun puns!


Wednesday, 3/29

69 New Emojis Coming!

Giraffe, Steak, Genies, Vampires, Dinos and more!


Tuesday, 3/28

Homesick Candles

Fill your house with the smell of home!


Monday, 3/27


You know those quick-sketch artists at the boardwalk, in Times Square and basically at any tourist attraction? Don't pay the money- just go to NameTests.com and have the site create one using one of your Facebook profile pictures.

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