Monday, 22 April 2019 19:18

Earth Day hacks to replace plastics

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I found a great article yesterday in the Parade Magazine of the Akron Beacon Journal.

The fact that many items we use CANNOT be recycled really bothers me.  The fact that

manufactureres and packagers do not come up with alternatives is another upsetting fact..

These items can help you reduce your own foot print on our planet.  I already have ordered

three of the items!

Glass water bottle over plastic.

Bamboo toothbrush   100% biodegradable

Wax Canvas Lunch Bag

Bees Wrap    replaces seran!!!!  Totally reusable!!

Bags and totes  to replace grocery bags seems so easy, yet  many do not use.

Synthetic sponges...The Unsponge  good for 4-6 months, wash and tumble dry  can be composted in small peices or taken to fabric bank.

Rech out to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions!!

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