Friday, 24 May 2019 06:48

Grill this Weekend? Nope, Air Fryer!

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This weekend is the official unofficial start of summer and a lot of us will be firing up the grill. Not me and the Warren. I know we are late to the game, but we finally bought an Air Fryer and we. Are. In. LOVE! Where has this machine been our entire lives?

The Warren made chicken wings first and said they were incredible, so I had to try! Last night, I made us some hot dogs. I kid you not, I will never make a hot dog any other way again!!!! They were amazing. I mean I won’t turn down other hot dogs, but I can’t clearly express how impressed I was with how this Air Fryer cooked them.

I am not clear on how the Air Fryer works, but it cooks with air and it’s cleaner, healthier and I love it. I even cooked my cauliflower fries and they were crispier than just baking them. I am hooked. As many of you all know, you can register online to get other great Air Fryer recipes and I can't wait to experiment.

So, the moral of this story is- Air Fryers are the future, the now, and a must! This weekend we will Air Fry all the foods!

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