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Wednesday, 24 April 2019 01:11

Dog Blog - Lucky Golf Course Dogs!

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What's better than being a golf course dog?  Every now and again at a public golf course you see a dog that somehow came to live at that course.  He, or she, can be seen running along side the mowers and among the workers on the course.  You can see them having the time of their lives, and when I see it, it warms my heart. All that space, cool grass, air, and friends   -  for that lucky dog.

There was a dog that lived on a course in Columbia Station I have played before, (Creekwood) but it was years ago. I used to see him running alongside the big fairway mowers.  I am sure he slept well at night, probably in the cart barn, or the maintenance shed.  I also remember a great dog at Sugarbush in Garrettsville in Portage County that roamed the clubhouse early in the morning, and then watched us all play the 18th hole from the cool grass later that morning!

I'm thinking those dogs fell on hard times, and somehow hit the jackpot when some bighearted golf course workers decided to make them their own.  I recently learned of a dog named Dewey that passed away this week at Bob-O-Links in Avon (Lorain County) and it moved me enough to write this. He was a part of the landscape there for about 11 years.  He was such a part of the course, they posted this pic on Facebook to announce his passing. What a great life!

Photo Courtesy of Bob-O-Links Facebook Page

sw dewey

Sleep well Dewey.

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And Speaking Of Dogs!  


Tuesday, 23 April 2019 01:41

Todays Weather - Waiting Our Turn

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We have been riding the weather roller coaster that last few weeks, and like you, I am ready for the good weather to get here for good.   Tons of mowing yesterday, and tons of rain today, and then cool - to darn near cold for a day or so.

 sw DOGS

Gotta be patient!

The weather, is like anything else, sometimes you just have wait your turn.    We're waiting!


And Speaking Of Dogs.....



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Monday, 22 April 2019 01:46

WYNN QUOTES - Dogs Find A Way

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“Dogs find that one hidden place in our hearts, that alludes virtually everyone, and everything else”


My Dog – Juneau The Husky!   If I watch closely enough, she teaches me much


If you are a dog owner, you understand this as well as you know anything.  Dogs, find a place within us that nothing else can.  It’s uniquely their charge, as dogs themselves are unique.  Our dogs come to us in various ways.  Bought, adopted, found, inherited, and so forth. And they don’t care how they get to you. They only care that they do. 

The key to this is simple.  The genesis of your relationship with your dog makes no difference to your dog.  Your new friendship is predicated on, just being friends.  There is no judgment, or baggage between you.  Granted, in some cases your new dog may have some baggage on his own.  His past could be tough and tumble, or horrible.  But all he wants is to start again, anew, with you.  No other friendship we have, has this as its starting point.

From that moment on your dog has only one goal in mind.  Pleasing you and making you a part of his life.  One thing I think we all have to remember, is that as good of company as our dogs can be for US, we are THEIR best friend.  WE are all THEY have. They look to us daily for everything they need and want.  And dogs give us all they have to give every minute of every day.  They have nothing else to give, besides their loyalty and love, which to them is one of the same.

So if you wonder why you feel the way you do about your dog, and why he is in a place within you that is different and separate from every other being on the planet?  It’s because that’s how you are   –  to him. They find that place, because they want to.

There is much to learn from a dog, that is worth learning

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Thursday, 18 April 2019 01:14


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Hey, I'm Browns fan like you. And it seems this Fall, we will have to adjust our Browns viewing as we have gone "Prime Time!!"  The Schedule is out!

Seems the Browns have four night games, which I think the league limit is five.  Plus, looks like we will play week 2 on Monday Night Football with the Jets.  BTW - first EVER Monday Night game was at Municipal Stadium, Cleveland 1970  -  against the Jets, with the Legend of Homer Jones  (Google it)

The Browns have figured out at long last that the NFL isn't really sports anymore. It's entertainment. And drafting high profile characters who can play like Baker Mayfield, and trading for lightning rods like OBJ, and others get you noticed.  Sure we all want to win, but the Browns also want to be noticed, relevant, popular, cool, and on national TV.

You have to get the fans excited in anticipation of winning, and then you have to actually win.  Thus far, the Browns have everyone excited and ready to go, including the NFL itself. 

Then you have to win!  GO BROWNS!~

Got my Browns Party Jacket ready to go!!


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Wednesday, 17 April 2019 12:50

Is The Nice Weather Really Here?

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Well, after a day or two of severe weather, and the snow  -  that at least didn't stick, it seems the nicer weather for the most part may finally be here.  And for me, and for you, that means the annual firing up of the equipment, and seasons first mow.  I did it today.  I was not letting someone else in my hood set the pace.  I did not want to have mow envy, I wanted to be envied because of my pace setting mow.  (Should be noted, the tractor pictured as the cover for this post is NOT my mower, but has been used for dramatic effect.  And I wish it was)

SW 1

My house after the years first mow!

It's such a guy thing, you see your neighbor mowing, and you clear your schedule and get to it.  Graduations, showers, weddings, and other major activities have been missed because of the urge to mow.  Plus, the "afterparty" that ensues, as you sit and look at what you've done in concert with the magic of the mower.

SW 3

 All this Spring Work wears Juneau out!

The first mow of the year is always a good time. Yard is green, yard looks good and it's an easy chore.  That gives way to flashing forward 100 days, when the grass giddiness goes away, and then it's just another chore. But as far as this week is concerned?    Enjoy the mow.

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Tuesday, 16 April 2019 06:25

WYNN QUOTES - A Place Never Ventured

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“The Road Ahead, Leaves Other Roads Behind”


I recently took a seven hour road trip, which is something I hadn’t done in a long time.  For me, flying has become the preferred way to go.  But as we embarked on our journey where airplanes were not an option, it became clear, that a day on the road was in order.  And I am thankful for it.

I, like you, drive a lot in my everyday life and most of it not fun.  To and from work, station appearances, errands and the like, many times at strange times of the day – or night – or sort of both.  But I was reminded there is something different about a road trip.  Leaving on an adventure that has no time restraint, its own schedule, and is strictly for pleasure.  It’s very different to want to venture out, than have to.

Plus we were on our way to a place never ventured.   As I settled in behind the wheel, it hit me that this was not a challenge at all.  This was to be embraced,  as there was something alluring about setting out freely on the open road.   And even though it may have appeared at first to be a long jaunt, I found it may not have been long enough.

Sometimes it’s good to see a different area code in a way only a long drive can.  Hours to clear our minds, trying to find various radio stations to listen to, and seeing things new to us. You see, a clear road ahead sometimes is the best way to leave a routine road behind.  In the world today it is rare for any of us to venture out on our own time.  It was a nice feeling to know that our journey, was exactly that.  OUR journey, on our time, our way. 

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Driving Songs?  Why not?


And some are just silly, but fun!


Monday, 15 April 2019 06:26

Like Jack Daniels? Who Knew?

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Just a quick note today. I've been known to enjoy a Jack Daniels or two and I'm guessing you have a had a few yourself over time.   I admit, it is my drink of choice when I am in that kind of mood.  And after recently visiting their one and only distillery on earth in Lynchburg, Tennessee, I learned so much.  It's worth a drive there if you are in the area this summer on your vacation. 

sw jd statue                       sw jd tickets
This is the spring where all the water comes from they make every bottle of Jack in the world. Who knew?

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Thursday, 11 April 2019 09:50

Sharing Cherry Blossoms

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I was lucky enough over the weekend to go see a sight that I am glad I did.  Your kids may be taking a trip this month for school, or already did, to Washington DC, and I hope they saw the Cherry Blossoms.  Windy and I took a road trip there, and I am glad we did.

      sw cherry 1                                                           

It really was an incredible sight that everyone at some point should see.  Huge crowds as you might expect, and with that said I'm not sure I need to go during peak season and see them again, but this was a feast for the eyes.

sw cherry 3

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Tuesday, 09 April 2019 11:24

Coliseum To The Field House

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Quicken Loans Arena is getting a new name this week. It will how be known as Rocket Mortgage Field House.  Remember when our local sports venues had simple names?  Names like Municipal Stadium and The Coliseum?  And remember, the Richfield Coliseum was right here in Summit County.

Recently I have driven past this intersection a few times, and every time I do, I think the exact same thing.  The junction of I-271 and State Route 303 was the home of the Coliseum.  And even though the massive structure that was the Miracle In Richfield has been long gone for about 25 years, the gigantic piece of land is still empty.  That alone, is a miracle.


                                                           sw NEW 271                  sw NEW 303

When the Coliseum opened in the mid 1970's it was a marvel.  It replaced the dark, dank Cleveland Arena that was the Cavaliers, Barons, and Crusaders home for years.  The Coliseum was a showplace and was the envy of most other cities at the time.  So many great times happened there, and then one day it was just - over.  As the movement to build arenas and stadiums downtown reemerged.  Just was the Coliseum led the charge to build them out from the city 20 years earlier.  A trend that many cities followed.

I always think it's a shame there is not something there, that says it was there.  There should be a marker that states this place was so great for so long, and gave so many such joy.  With sports, events, and music.  It was the first beacon of a new hope for an area that needed some good news at that time, and it delivered.  From the moment Frank Sinatra (1974) opened the building with a concert, to the Cavs last game.

Long remember the Coliseum....

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Monday, 08 April 2019 17:28

MOVIE REVIEW - Pet Sematary

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Pet Sematary is out, and is the most recent rendition of the Stephen King classic book, and this is quite good. 

 PS, is not ridiculously compelling, and this is not going to change cinematic history, but it is fun to see new life put back into great King classics.  This stars Jasen Clark, John Lithgow, and Amy Seimetz. This is what you would think, scary at times, with a hint of cheese and camp tossed in.  Visually this is quite good, and there is nice use of classic scare tactics, that are predictable, but work all at the same time.  This also has a nice thread that runs through it, that makes you examine your own thoughts on death, and what comes next.  King is great at that!

Seimetz is really great as the terrified mother of two, who is trying to make sense of the supernatural death setting she finds her and her family in. She is the star of this movie. 

If you have never seen this in any form before, this is going to be very intense at times.  If you're a veteran of the book and/or various versions that came before, I feel you may agree, this is the best rendition yet, and by far. 

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