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Tuesday, 23 April 2019 06:48

Help Keep Akron Beautiful!

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Yesterday was Earth Day, and we here at Rubber City Radio Group and WQMX, decided to help clean up our corner of the Earth. April is Clean Up Akron Month and we teamed up with Keep Akron Beautiful to pick up trash and recyclables around our buildings. This is something we have done for the past few years.

IMG 7594

It takes an hour, if that, and you will be amazed what you can do. It is not too late to do something this month. You can help clean up your part of the Earth- just go to You sign up your group, organization or school. They provide the trash bags, gloves, all the supplies that you will need.

IMG 7595 1

If we just take the time to keep our square of the world clean, imagine what we can accomplish…


Monday, 22 April 2019 06:54

For Those Who Spent the Weekend in Church...

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Eric Church came to Cleveland twice over Easter Weekend. Twice. He double downed. Those who attended Church over the weekend witnessed two incredible, yet different shows.

After night one, I was impressed. I left thinking, how could he top that? Then, I got to thinking- wait, he didn’t sing that, or that. You forget all the hits, all the great song Eric Church has had over his career.

eric stage

Night two did not disappoint either. Church came out swinging. Ready to entertain. Each night he sang a slew of hit songs, favorite album cuts, tributes to Cleveland, each night giving shout outs to the Dusty Armadillo, and he gave us all his energy. It was truly incredible. It felt weird not going to a Church show last night!

Eric Church is an entertainer, a performer and a true country artist. I will continue to say this- find the funds, find a way and get to a show. Seeing him perform live is true experience.

eric me tini

Friday, 19 April 2019 07:50

We Are A #NonPeepShow

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Over 1.5 billion Peeps will be consumed this Easter.

I don’t get it. I find them to be rather disgusting. I don’t mind marshmallows. What I mind is marshmallows covered in furry, fuzzy-like sugar glitter. Just ew! People enjoy them when they are stale. To that I say, why would leaving something out for a few days, thus making them stale, in turn make them better? That makes no sense to me.

They certainly are cute, totally fun to look at. That makes them a decoration, not food. They belong in the trash in my book, not in Easter baskets.

IMG 0275

If Peeps float your boat, more power to you! I believe that stat should be altered- 1.5 billion Peeps will be purchased this Easter. Not everyone is eating those cute, little Marshmallow impostors ;)

Thursday, 18 April 2019 09:30

Get Outside, Akron!

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The weather is finally warming up. With that being said, let’s get outside!

I love taking a walk, a run, a jog, a whatever- outside! There is nothing like breathing in the fresh air. The Akron area has so many parks for you to go and enjoy.

Right by the station is Hardesty Park. I have visited this park many times for Pet Expo, Art Expo and other community events, but I never thought to head on over for one of my walk/jogs. In the past year I have been over there numerous times and the park has a wonderful track around the park, a fun playground in the center and a pavilion for parties and more.

I really enjoy the days I can get outside for my exercise and I love that Akron has these parks available to us. From what I see at Hardesty- it is well maintained and I feel safe. So, put on your tennies, and take a walk, jog or run today. It is supposed to be beautiful!

Wednesday, 17 April 2019 08:02

Cadbury Mini Eggs, Easter's Treat to Us!

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Another day, and another blog about food!

Easter is on Sunday and there will be many baskets full of chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, creme eggs and more. My personal favorite- Cadbury Mini Eggs. These small eggs are sweet chocolate perfection. If you have not tried them, you must stop what you are doing and go get some. If you have had them, you know what I talking about.

They are often confused with Cadbury Creme Eggs. Do not confuse them. Mini eggs are solid milk chocolate with a crispy sugary shell. They are basically candy crack. Once you have one, you can’t stop- as in only have one bag. I must warn you, they are so good you won’t be able to put them down. Whether you prefer the milk chocolate (my favorite), they also have white chocolate, dark chocolate and this year they came out with a shimmer shelled version. All good!

Stock up now because these beauties are only out during Easter time. They do offer Christmas Mini Eggs, and while they good, there is nothing quite like the OG Easter Mini Eggs. They are so good I can only allow myself one mini bag per season. They are THAT good, people!

Happy Easter and Happy Mini Eggs enjoying!

Tuesday, 16 April 2019 07:51

Sarah Kay Food Find: Red Lentil Pasta

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I have found a new food find!

In my efforts to continue to eat healthy, keep my weight off, and yes- maybe still shed a few pounds, I am always looking for new low carb options. I LOVE pasta. I miss pasta and I have found a great alternative. Barilla’s Red Lentil Pasta. Half the carbs and they are good carbs at that. They come in penne and rotini. Barilla also offers a Chickpea option- not bad, but I prefer the Red Lentil. Is it a plus that the noodles kind of look pinkish when cooked- maybe, but I assure you that is not why I like them!

I add olive oil, cheese, any sauce really, shrimp, chicken, anything and I am telling you I get full so quick and I eat feeling guilt free. I found these noodles at Acme in North Canton in the pasta aisle, so I would guess most if not all Acmes would stock them.

Give it a try. I know I was so happy I did because pasta night is back on!

Monday, 15 April 2019 13:28

Must Visit: Little Italy!

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It is our family tradition to go to Little Italy in Cleveland every year for Easter. Italian Easter as we call it. We go the weekend before Easter to avoid the crowds. We aren't Italian. It makes sense to us! We go because the food at all these restaurants is incredible, amazing, divine- you get the picture. Our favorite is Trattoria on the Hill. From the spaghetti to the ravioli to lasagna, gnocchi, chicken parm and more- they have it all. Then we cross the street to Corbo's Italian Bakery for cannoli (they make the best I have ever eaten), cookies, brownies, cake and gelato. I mean come on! 

Little Italy is on the east side of Cleveland right near the campus of Case Western. It is a beautiful drive, and you truly feel like you have stepped onto an Italian street. If you have never ventured up there- go. If you haven't been in awhile- go back. Wear stretchy pants, and always, always take the cannolis!!!! 

Friday, 12 April 2019 08:09

Grilled Cheese, Please!

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It is National Grilled Cheese Day and by far one of my favorite foods is the Grilled Cheese. The bread, the butter, the cheese. Yes, just yes. Whether I am making it at home or going to a restaurant I am always up for one. Every year for as long as I can remember I always have a grilled cheese, a bowl of tomato soup and a dill pickle for my birthday dinner. Even now with my healthier lifestyle, it is one of my cheat meals!

I am a simple girl when it comes to these sandwiches. American or cheddar cheese on white bread, maybe a Texas toast. OG style! I enjoy going to Melt and Lockview, but most of the time I want the original! My absolute favorite was the grilled cheese from Friendly’s, but they have since closed up in this area. It was a sad day.

Grilled Cheese is comfort food at its best, a can’t miss if you will. Feel free to leave your favorite way to make them or your favorite place to get them…

GC Earrings

Thursday, 11 April 2019 07:56

Billboard Love!

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In high school, I loved listening to morning radio and had this epiphany- Hey, I could do that! Fast forward to well, now. Living the dream, waking up and getting to do my absolute dream job every morning. My dad would always tease me that he would be super impressed when he saw me on a billboard or the side of a bus. I’ll work on the bus, but omg we’re on a flippin BILLBOARD!!!

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I’ve been blessed in my career with so many things, this I know, but something like this humbles me. I’m proud of what I do. I am honored to work at the locally owned and operated WQMX with Scott, Ryan and James every morning and thrilled you listen!!! This billboard’s for you Daddio!! Talk to y’all tomorrow morning!

Wednesday, 10 April 2019 08:40

You WANT to Go to CHURCH!

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Eric Church is coming to the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse (formerly the Q) in Cleveland Easter weekend for two shows- April 19th and April 20th. He is promising 2 uniquely different shows. I believe him. I believe you will want to see him.

I am lucky that with my job I get to attend a lot of concerts. I get asked about my favorites. Eric Church is one of my favorites. One of my favorites in general, yeah, but one of favorites to see live. He gives you chills, make you believe in country and rock-n-roll and gives you every single one of the feels. Every. Single. One. When he came to Cleveland back in February of 2017, it was one of the best live show I have ever seen. From a live choir to his infectious energy, Eric Church brings it. 

If you are on the fence about attending his Double Down tour stops next weekend, let me give you a nudge- you want to go, or you want to go again. It is Eric Church. Go to Church. We are giving you chances to win tickets this week on the air, we have a bunch of WQMX Eric Church Ticket Stops this week, weekend and more next week too. If these shows are anything like his previous shows, we are in for two record nights!

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