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'Tis The Season!

I love the holiday season, so I get started right after Halloween. The week after is used to take down all of those decorations and store them for next year. Then all the Christmas decor comes out and a few days later trees are up, lights are on, and the Christmas tunes are cranked! And I'm sooooo close to baking my first batch of cookies, lol! Next up after Thanksgiving, we'll get our fresh cut tree at Galehouse Tree Farms, one of our favorite holiday traditions! Then, all the decorating will be complete.

I've been enjoying the holidays for a little over a week now, and I hope my family loves how I decorated when they come over for Thanksgiving dinner! Happy Holidays!

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Cranberries are a staple during the holiday season, and there are so many ways to serve them. I found this list of 50 recipes from PureWow, perhaps you will find something new to try that goes beyond the usual side dish. Click here for recipes from cocktails to appetizers to desserts!

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The City of Massillon will host a Holiday Parade and Fireworks display to welcome the Holidays (AND SANTA CLAUS) this Saturday, November 23rd.  The Parade will step-off at 5pm and will be followed by a 10 minute fireworks display to cap off the night.

Residents say that they like the idea of the Holiday Parade taking place in the evening because it gives participants a chance to decorate floats and vehicles with holiday lighting displays, giving an even more festive vibe to the night.

For more details, including parade route, parking availability and more, CLICK HERE

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