Lynn Kelly

Lynn Kelly

Monday, 26 August 2019 14:38

National Dog Day

So today it seemed everyone proudly shared pictures of their dogs!  I see a trend in many people going

out of their way to help lost or injured animals.  More shelters than ever have popped into existence. 

There are still too many animals that are abused and abandoned, but they have a much better chance finding

their fur ever home now than ever!  Adopt don't shop!

Wednesday, 21 August 2019 14:19

"Woman charged in dog attack"

This week a Norton resident was charged with stealing items from the Kenmore Acme Fresh Market and siccing her dogs on the Acme employee.

What bothers me more about this story than a person using an animal in this way, was the portrayal that the said dogs were pitbulls.

No one can confirm the type of dogs they are, even now.  The misuse of the term "pitbull"  is what gives the said breed a bad name.

While this woman was arrested at her home, one of the dogs also at the residence was taken by officers to Summit County Animal Control.

I am hoping the next story on this incident is not said dog being put down!  Dogs are as good as their owners and can be retrained.

I am hoping officials remove the dogs and get them properly rehomed!

Monday, 19 August 2019 14:04

Back To School

And so it begins.  Schedules change, lunches need made, school is back in!

I hope you enjoyed this summer with your children.  Before I came to WQMX I worked at The Summit for 3 1/2 years.  We were fully automated mostly 

and so I recorded my show each week day morning and was off.  Andrew was just beginning first grade when I started there.  I was able to be a "room mom"

for that time, and summers were spent  mostly at the JCC pool.  It was the most wonderful time and for that I do not ever regret leaving the previous radio station, 

WKDD.   To have that time with my child was precious.  Now he is in his last year at University, and as we took note Friday would be the last move, I was over overjoyed.

Not at that, but that he was back at school and I could get my house back in order!  My grocery bill will be going way down, and the need to cook will dwindle!

I never thought it would be that easy.  When he was young, I never wanted to be apart from him.  Funny how that can change!  I say this with a chuckle.  I do

however love being an almost empty-nester.  He wants to move to New York at some point after graduation, and I wish him the best.  I will visit no doubt, but 

there are many adventures for my husband and I to have on our own again!  Can't wait!


Enjoy lunch with me , Lynn druing the noon hour and the Country Buffet!

All this week I am giving away tickets to Clay's Park for the Neon Nights show!

Two days with artists I cam to know in the early 90's before I even worked in Country radio!

Dwight Yoakam, Alabama, Sawyer Brown, Neal McCoy, Diamond Rio, Teri Clark, John Michael Montgomery, and David Lee Murphy.

Listen for a double play during the noon hour from one of these artists and you could be gong with two day passes!

The Annual Cardboard boat race is coming ! September 14 at Turkeyfoot Beach on the Portage Lakes.

It's benefitting one of my personal favorite charities, Summit County Humane Society.  You can find more information

on Facebook.  Two Men & A Truck are putting it on this year!!  Come have some fun.

Friday, 19 July 2019 14:20

Dangerous heat this weekend.

With Temp's in the 90's this weekend, several comminity centers are staying open as "cooling Centers" through Saturday.

The following community centers in Akron will be open on Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.:

• Lawton Street Community Center, 1225 Lawton St.

• Mason Park Community Center, 700 E. Exchange St.

• Patterson Park Community Center, 800 Patterson Ave.

• Summit Lake Community Center, 380 W. Crosier St.

(A complete list for Northeast Ohio can be found online.)

Keep track of your elderly neighbors and of course the animals!!

Tuesday, 16 July 2019 14:02

Losing a family member is rough.

So a Facebook memory popped up today.  In 2015 I had to make the hardest decision concerning my beloved Hunter.

She had not been eating much for weeks.  The vet was giving her fluids and a steroid shot every few weeks which perked her up.

By the 4th of July, she was not good.  The vet made an appointment for 5pm on Friday.  She told me if I didn't show up it was fine.

I watched her all day lay on my son's bed and never move.  She was always tiny, but now was a skeleton.  I told Andrew I thought it

time.  He laid on the bed with her and said his good byes.  She had been with us for 14 years, the same  amount of time I had my first fur baby,

Footer.  Hunter did a good job of keeping her young.  My husband drove to the vet's office with me and they took us in the special room.

I am over come with sorrow now as I write, I was devastated that very moment.  I leaned down and kissed her one last time and it was done.

So quick, her misery gone, mine just beginning.  The loss of a pet is as strong as any human loss for me.  They obviously harbor a different

spot in my heart than my child or husband, but it is just as strong. All those years ago, someone threw the sweetest, gentlest kitten out of a 

moving van.  Little did they know she would keep all the chipmonks, squirrels and other criitter out of ours and 4 other nieghboring yards.

Be a wonderful sister to my older kitty when I brought her in.  And my son's first love!  In the last couple of weeks I have seen many FB friends

suffer the same loss.  I understand your grief.  

Wednesday, 10 July 2019 14:13

71st Italian American Fest begins tomorrow!

Growing up in an Italian family meant lots of relatives. There were two huge events every year. The Biasella reunion (my Grandfathers namesakes), and the Italian Festival. When I was young, the festival was held at Playland Park 9Long gone).Everyone brought there own homemade Italian food and it was more or less a huge picnic. Now, It has split in to two festivals, the first of which is at Lock 3 beginning tomorrow. There was a falling out between those that ran the festival, good or bad, the second is later this month in Cuyahoga Falls. It runs July 19-21st...Take your pick or attend both..For info on the Italain - American Fest at Lock 3 go to For the second festival lineup go to And mangia!!
Friday, 28 June 2019 13:59

African Lions Make Debut at Akron Zoo!

It has been many years since I brought my kids to the Akron Zoo.  It has always been one the best destinations in our back yard!

Over the years, they have continually built the facility with the animals and visitors in mind for the ultimate experience.

From Brews At The Zoo, to their newest exhibit, Pride Of Africa, which debuts tomorrow, the Akron Zoo has become an amazing

facility due to the workers comittment!  Take the family and experience two African lion prides making their home now, on what

looks like the savannas of Kenya!!!  They will love it!

Wednesday, 26 June 2019 14:11

Fun Food Safety In The Heat.

So the heat has finally arrived!  We read about food safety in the heat.  It's real I know.  I am the biggest

rule breaker according to my husband.  Hey, you all are alive and not sick, I am doing ok I think.

So we all know not to cross contaminate foods.  Raw to fresh certainly!   Use seprate cutting boards and utensils.

Items with raw egg in them are the most important to keep cool.

I found the cutest addition to keep

fresh foods cold while looking awesome doing it!  The inflatable ice serving bar!!  Ingenious! 

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