The only way to get tickets for this once in a lifetime event will be to WIN THEM from Country Radio stations!

Check WQMX.com and our Facebook Page often as we should have all the details soon!

Massillon City Council has approved a new three-year deal with the city's Firefighters Local No. 251, which will include raises in the second and third years of the new contract, as well as modify when the First Responders can reach the Maximum Salary.

Both the City and the Firefighters were happy to avoid "binding arbitration" which would have taken the decision out of the hands of the city.

The Canton Repository has the full story HERE

**And Don't forget:

If you know a First Responder, you can nominate them, or your local Police or Fire Department, for WQMX First Responder FridaysHERE

A new horror movie will be filming in the Akron area next year, and while it will be set in a 'fictional' version of the Rubber City, a well known area Road will be featured as the namesake of the movie.

"Copley Road" is expected to start filming in the Summer of 2020 and is being described as a "Present Day Horror Anthology" by the creators official Facebook Page.  It may even have some opportunities for locals to audition for roles.

Stay up to date by following the Official #CopleyRoadMovie Facebook Page, HERE

(Courtesy of FOX 8 Cleveland)


Thursday, 10 October 2019 01:24

City Of Akron Has a New Snow Removal Strategy

After countless complaints from residents last winter, which resulted in the formation of a new task force as well as an apology from Mayor Horrigan, The City of Akron unveiled some of the ways that they plan to handle snow and ice removal moving forward.

More trucks have been purchased, routes have been reevaluated, and parking bans will be more strictly enforced as the Rubber City hopes to avoid another situation like last year that left many stranded in their homes, some for days, while they waited for the streets to be cleared.

The Akron desk of Cleveland.com has more details for you HERE

Wednesday, 09 October 2019 02:00

The 2019 Midwest Gerbil Show is a thing.

Who knew?!  Well if you didn't either, you are about to find out:

Coming to Westlake in a couple of weeks, and not even for the first time, is a pet show of sorts for the breeders, caretakers, and enthusiasts of the furry little rodents known as Gerbils.

There will be Judges and prizes and chewing competitions and races and if I had to guess, probably a fair amount of Gerbil-themed merch, too.

This event is sponsored by the American Gerbil Society, its happening from 11am to 5pm on October 26th and the cost to attend is $5.

Thanks to News 5 Cleveland for sharing this fascinating story, which you can read HERE


Tuesday, 08 October 2019 01:45

Halloween Fun for the Whole Family

Haunted Houses and Scary Movies aren't for everyone, and if you have small kids, or kids that are a few years apart in age, it can be tough to find a fun Halloween activity for the whole family to enjoy together.

From local Costumed-Pet-Parades and indoor trick or treating at the IX Center, to Pumpkin patches and Kid Friendly days at Cedar Point, there is far more family friendly stuff to do now than ever before.

FOX 8 Cleveland has this great list with area event details and links to Northeast Ohio attractions, HERE

Monday, 07 October 2019 00:38

Congrats to Michael Ray and Carly Pearce!!

Congrats from all of us at WQMX to the Newest Country Couple to "make it official"- Carly Pearce and Michael Ray!!! 

The couple tied the knot this past weekend in the Nashville area at what they're describing as a "Whimsical" event.

For more details and pics, People Magazine has them for you if you CLICK HERE

...and Don't forget to watch for pics and video on our social media of Michael Ray performing at our SOLD OUT 20th Annual Bosom Buddies Event next week

Thursday, 03 October 2019 01:41

Stink Bug Season is Here... GRRRRR.

It's that time of year - temps are changing, leaves are turning and Stink Bugs are ready to be the biggest pest that they can be as they look for warmth in your home!

Nearly 40 States have it documented that the smelly little non-biting creepy crawlers have been spotted or caused damage to crops and gardens.

There isn't much you can do to make them go away, but there are a few things you can do to try to minimize their presence without having to kill them, and in turn causing them to live up to the "stink bug" name.

I found this helpful article from Patch.com and had to share it with you, so CLICK HERE and good luck!

Wednesday, 02 October 2019 01:32

Stark County Trick or Treat Schedule

In case you haven't been to a retail store in the last two months, here's a friendly reminder that Halloween is coming up!!

Aside from discount candy the day after, arguably the biggest event of the holiday is Trick or Treating, and you need to know when it's happening in your town or the little monsters, er kids, will be very disappointed if they knock on your door and you have to scrounge for 'treats' because you didn't know.

So for starters here's the working list of dates/times for our friends in Stark County, courtesy of the Canton Repository


The High School jersey worn by Akron's own LeBron James while playing for St.V and made famous by his first Sports Illustrated photo shoot in 2002 will be auctioned off later this month.

The gold mesh #23 'Irish' jersey was allegedly given to its current owner/seller by James many years ago.

Early bids are already into five figures and a portion of the sale will be donated, according to the auction house.

ESPN.com has the story and a link to the auction page HERE

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