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WQMX Senior Spotlight Featured

WQMX will recognize graduating high school seniors during the months of May AND June! 
 Nominate a graduating high school senior.
Then every weekday in May AND June,
we will highlight a graduating Senior on our
Morning Show & on our Facebook page. 
Prize: A half-sheet graduation cake from Reeves Cake Shop & a Big Dinner Box from Pizza Hut
Brought to you by: Stark State College – Spend less. Earn more. Go further.


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    Friday, May 1 Senior Spotlight
    senior2020 5.1.20 JacobPinkley
    Name of Senior: Jacob Pinkley
    School: Streetsboro High School

    Nominator's Name: Kim Bromley   

    Monday, May 4 Senior Spotlight

    senior2020 5.4.20 BreonnaBarnes

    Name of Senior: Breonna Barnes

    School: Springfield High School

    Nominator's Name: Mary Mash
    Tuesday, May 5 Senior Spotlight
    senior2020 5.5.20 JakeBindus
    Name of Senior: Jake Bindus
    School: Stow-Munroe Falls High School
    Nominator's Name: Sue Hahn
    Wednesday, May 6 Senior Spotlight
    senior2020 5.6.20 ClaireEberhardt
    Name of Senior: Claire Eberhardt
    School: Central Catholic High School

    Nominator's Name: Lori Van Koughnet

    Thursday, May 7 Senior Spotlight

    senior2020 5.7.20 DillonShuman 1

    Name of Senior: Dillon Shuman

    School: Perry High School

    Nominator's Name: Gina Shuman
    Friday, May 8 Senior Spotlight 
    senior2020 5.8.20 SabenaMassaro
    Name of Senior: Sabena Massaro
    School: Barberton High School
    Nominator's Name: David Massaro 
    Monday, May 11 Senior Spotlight 
    senior2020 5.11.20.DeaganFoster
    Name of Senior: Deagan Foster
    School: Waterloo High School
    Nominator's Name: John Foster
    Tuesday, May 12th Senior Spotlight 
    senior2020 5.12.20.KendallAnenson
    Name of Senior: Kendall Anenson
    School: Green High School
    Nominator's Name: Lance Anenson 
    Wednesday, May 13th Senior Spotlight 
    senior2020 5.13.20.MichaelFloyd
    Name of Senior: Michael Floyd
    School: Coventry High School
    Nominator's Name: Jennifer Floyd 
    Thursday, May 14th Senior Spotlight
    senior2020 5.14.20.AriannaShamblin
    Name of Senior: Arianna Shamblin 
    School: Twinsburg High School
    Nominator's Name: Addy Shamblin 
    Friday, May 15 Senior Spotlight
    senior2020 5.15.20.StevenAustin
    Name of Senior: Steven Austin
    School: Ellet High School
    Nominator's Name: Rebecca 
    Monday, May 18 Senior Spotlight
    senior2020 5.18.2020 lexi
    Name of Senior: Lexi Mobley
    School: Manchester High School
    Nominator's Name: Paige Mobley   
    Tuesday, May 19 Senior Spotlight 
    senior2020 5.19.2020 ian
    Name of Senior: Ian Lattea
    School: Chippewa High School
    Nominator's Name: Tracy O'Brien   
    Wednesday, May 20 Senior Spotlight 
    senior2020 5.20.2020 elizabeth
    Name of Senior: Elizabeth Gidley
    School: Field High School
    Nominator's Name: Susan Gidley   
    Thursday, May 21 Senior Spotlight
    senior2020 5.21.2020 kaiser
    Name of Senior: Kaiser Brumfield
    School: Massillon Washington High School
    Nominator's Name: Barbie Lorson 
    Friday, May 22 Senior Spotlight  
    senior2020 5.22.2020 jorrdin
    Name of Senior: Jorrdin Jones
    School: Tallmadge High School
    Nominator's Name: Thelma Krepos
    Tuesday, May 26 Senior Spotlight  
    senior2020 5.26.2020austinH
    Name of Senior: Austin Hamilton
    School: East Canton High School
    Nominator's Name: Desiree 
    Wednesday, May 27 Senior Spotlight  
    senior2020 5.27.2020kaitlinD
    Name of Senior: Kaitlin Decker
    School: Rootstown High School
    Nominator's Name: Gina Decker 
    Thursday, May 28 Senior Spotlight
    senior2020 5.28.2020jeremyH
    Name of Senior: Jeremy Hughes
    School: Rittman High School
    Nominator's Name: Morgan Hughes   
    Friday, May 29 Senior Spotlight
    senior2020 5.29.2020samanthaH
    Name of Senior: Samantha Hughes
    School: Kenston High School
    Nominator's Name: Lauren Walden
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