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Wonderful Woman Wednesdays Featured

WQMX Wonderful Woman Wednesdays


Nominate a Wonderful Woman and each Wednesday we will feature someone!

We want to salute Wonderful Women with our new Wonderful Woman Wednesday feature! 

If you know a wonderful woman with a wonderful story:

an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a volunteer, an ordinary person who quietly does extraordinary things...

Tell us about her! We’ll share a story every Wednesday morning and salute

the Wonderful Woman all day long on the air, online and on social media!


The Wonderful Woman for 8/15 & 8/22 will also receive a $100 Gift Card to Treno in Kent! 

This Week's Wonderful Woman is Debra Gamble of Hartville!

 Debra Gamble 8 15 18

Keri Gamble, Debra's daughter nominated her and said this...

"Anyone who has met or knows her personally would say that my mom, Debra Gamble, is not only a wonderful woman, but Wonder Woman herself. She raised my brother and I by herself at the ages of 8 and 12, after we lost our dad to brain cancer in 2002, with whom she was with every step of the way until the end. She has been there for friends and family through the most tragic and heartbreaking times, as she is doing now with her best friend who is losing her battle against cancer as well.

As a social worker of 30 years, she has seen it all and yet still continues to help those who need her, whether it be a stranger or family. She is the most selfless and compassionate soul one will ever meet and anybody who has met her, knows they have someone to depend on through the happiest and most trying times.

For that, Debra Gamble is not only a mom, daughter, wife, sister, aunt, grandma or dear friend, she is Wonder Woman to anybody who has been lucky enough to have her in their lives. "

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